Global Youth Mural

Global Youth Mural


 Students in elementary/primary-, middle- and secondary-school are invited to participate in People to People International's annual Global Youth Murals Project. Join students around the globe to create artwork that illustrates our world's unique cultures and hope for friendship and peace through understanding. Murals will be exhibited at PTPI's Global Youth Forum. Four to six outstanding murals will receive awards and will be featured in PTPI's magazine, People.

Murals have represented friendships with pen pals in another country or subjects such as “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child,” patriotic songs or students’ opinions about current events. Murals also have illustrated students’ ideas about PTPI’s mission of Peace through Understanding. Students have created symbols of peace or depicted people of different cultures meeting, shaking hands or working together. There is no limit to students’ imaginations!

More information on the Global Youth Murals Project can be found here.

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