Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Become part of a global network designed to increase understanding of other cultures and promote friendships across all man-made barriers which separate us. You may travel abroad to meet with peers in other countries, or you may celebrate diversity in your own back yard through the various activities available through People to People International.

Student and University Chapters

Chapters are the backbone of People to People International, bringing the ideas of international understanding and education to life at a local level.

Student Chapters focus on cultural education, current world issues, and humanitarian and service efforts. As part of PTPI’s international chapter network, they have the opportunity to connect with peers and adults around the world. Chapter projects include various initiatives from PTPI World Headquarters. At the same time, Student Chapters have the flexibility to develop their own programs and projects according to their interests and means. PTPI helps with ideas for fundraising and gives out matching grants for special projects.

University chapters strive to work in conjunction with university curriculum to provide members with a "global education". A "global education" is the set of knowledge, skills, and attitudes that prepare individuals to live and compete in an increasingly multicultural, interconnected, and fast changing global society.

It’s easy! Grab 10 friends and an adult/campus advisor, complete a simple application and your group will be ready to make a difference! For more information go to our "Chapters" section.