Leadership Seminar 2005

Leadership Seminar 2005

"Tolerance in Intercultural Cooperation -Building Bridges between Chapters"

Berlin, Germany: October 7-9, 2005

Thanks for participating in the PTPI Leadership Seminar, It was a true pleasure to have you all here. Below are some pictures from the three days in October as we met in Berlin-Spandau. Looking forward to staying in touch with you. To read the complete report, please click here.

Lars Poignant, Verena Denk and Teresa Cal


Thursday October 6 - Arrival

8:00 Breakfast in office for early arrivals 
9:30 -16.00 European Executive Committee Meeting (PTPI European Office)
17.00-19.00  Check-in: Christophorus-Haus

Friday October 7

Seminar in Johannesstift
Introduction and Updates of PTPI
Country Presentations
Chapter Presentations
18:00 Stammtisch: Food in Johannesstift

Saturday October 8

9.00-17.00 Seminar in Johannesstift
Workshop on Stereotypes and Prejudice: Behrooz Mota med-Afshari
Workshop on Tolerance in Intercultural Cooperation: group work
19.00 Beerround at the Brauhaus in Spandau

Sunday October 9

9.00-17.00 Seminar in Johannesstift
Presentation of groups
Final discussion on project ideas
Seminar on fundraising
Follow-up seminars
Group evaluation
 17:00 Departures

Monday October 10

11.00 Visit to Kreuzberg: Brigitte Kasigkeit (Meeting point: Bahnhof Zoo)

Tuesday October 11

19:00 Visit to Checkpoint Charlie (U-Bahnhof Kochstrasse)
19:30/20:00 Meeting with "Friends" (La Rosa Mexicana, Friedrichstrasse/Checkpoint Charlie)

Wednesday October 12

18:00 Optional dinner with Jutta Strache for guests and hosts

Thursday October 13

18:00 Walk in Mitte: Stefan Hintz (Springer Verlag: Kochstrasse 32-50)

Friday October 14

18:30 Optional dinner at Kasigkeit for visitors and hosts (Urbanstrasse 111. U-Bhf: Herrmannplatz)

Saturday October 15