LA: Manuela Report 2006

Language Ambassador: Experience Report 2006

In July 2006 Manuela Corti of PTPI’s Milano Chapter visited PTPI’s Roman Chapter. She was teaching Italian and English for two weeks.

Would you like to do something a little different next summer? Would you like to meet friendly people and know about their culture? Well, there are some PTPI chapters in Europe that wish to offer language classes to their members (between the ages of 7-99) and are looking for teachers. In return, you can make a cultural experience! Be part of People to People International Language Ambassador Program next year!!!


I'd always been interested in teaching abroad and making a new experience as a teacher. Exchanging information and visiting places gives the opportunity to learn and understand better than by reading a book about the cultures and people in the world. So when I saw on the PTPE Web site an article about this new project, which included conversational classes for adults and kids, accommodation for 2 or 4 weeks, excursion in the free time and friends, it seemed ideal!

As I arrived in Roman, I found a fantastic group of members of PTPI’s Roman Chapter and all of them took care of me and, in every moment of my stay in Romania, I didn't feel “alone.” The accommodation was comfortable and the staff of the hotel was very kind.Everyday in the morning, I gave English or Italian lessons for kids from 7 to 12 years old. In the afternoon, I gave Italian classes for a group of nice and determined young members and, in the evening, for a group of fantastic adults (I usually called them “persone giovanili” because of their great interest and their curiosity).We learnt about each other and, step by step, they became more familiar with my mother tongue and its difficult grammar. Every evening and on Saturdays and Sundays, some of the members spent their time with me and so, I visited Roman and its beautiful neighbourhood, joining in the excursions with them to the colourful and fascinating monasteries.

And at the end it was very hard to say goodbye to everybody, but they will stay in my heart for a long time and I hope to see them in the near future. I promised to send Italian books to a small library and something else as soon as possible.