Global Murals on Tour

Global Youth Murals on Tour

This unique projects combines the artistic efforts of participants in the School and Classroom Program with the display of the pieces in public places by local PTPI chapters. European chapters may take advantage of this opportunity to promote a good cause and get extra attention in their community.

Mural Exhibition Mural ExhibitionMural Exhibition

 Chapter Benefits | European Mural Exhibitions | How to Participate

The Global Youth Murals, an annual project of PTPI’s School and Classroom Program, invites children ages 4-19 around the globe to create artworks that illustrate their cultures, communities, ideas about friendship and “peace through understanding.” Global Youth Murals on Tour is an opportunity for PTPI chapters to host an exhibit of PTPI’s extraordinary Global Youth Murals.

Chapter Benefit

  • Create an event around the exhibition of the murals to raise awareness of your local PTPI chapter, to raise funds and increase membership.
  • More exposure for your chapter means more exposure for PTPI.
  • Raise money for your chapter: Brochures highlighting PTPI Note Cards can be sent to your prior to your exhibit. Each set of PTPI Note Cards includes twelve cards and envelopes, featuring the extraordinary Global Youth Murals. Each set sells for $12 USD, plus shipping costs. The proceeds benefit PTPI’s School and Classroom Program.


European Mural Exhibitions

Murals in Katowice, June 2011 Murals at PTPI's European Conference in Katowice, Poland in June 2011.
Murals being put on display before an exhibition at the Garden school in Berlin, Germany in June 2012. Murals in Berlin, June 2012
Murals in Tallinn, September 2012 Murals being admired during an exhibition at the Atlasnet Language School as part of the Global Education Week in Tallinn, Estonia in September 2012.

How to participate

1. Register to host a Global Youth Murals on Tour exhibit. Registration form. Once filled out, please send the form to PTPI European Office (address below) or email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . At this time you can request specific months for your exhibit.

2. You will be contacted by PTPI staff regarding the available months to host the murals.

3. Once dates have been established, you will be sent a Mural Loan Agreement.

4. You will be asked to send the completed Mural Loan Agreement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , fax to +49(0)30-88916434, or mail to: PTPI European Office, Schillerstr 59, 10627 Berlin, Germany.

5. Once PTPI has received the Mural Loan Agreement, you will be contacted with further details.

6. Fifteen Global Youth Murals will be sent to you via postal mail on or before a date arranged with a PTPI staff member. We suggest allowing at least one day to hang the murals and taking the murals down one week prior to the date the next Host Chapter has requested to receive the artwork.

For more information, please contact Paige Badgett by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling +1.816.531.4701. Any and all students may participate in the project, and murals may be submitted at any time. Please also visit our Internet gallery of murals at

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