Pecs 2010

European Conference 2010

Pécs, Hungary

Dear Friends,

It was very nice to see and meet all of you at the European Conference in Pécs, Hungary. 2011 we meet in Katowice, Poland (June 9-12).

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Budapest Cultural Program (optional program)
Monday May 17
City walk: Castle District - Jazz Concert 
Tuesday May 18
Art museum - City walk: Jewish Quarter, Market Hall - Ballet Evening
Wednesday May 19
Day excursion to Szentendre - Classical concert
Thursday May 20
Departure for Pécs
Arrival/Registrations Hotel Palatius
 15.00 - 18.00
Youth Meeting - "Unity and Diversity - Minorities in Pécs"
House of Arts & Literature
 15:30 - 17:30
Colloquium on Interculturality: Unity in Diversity: an Enrichment for All
Replay Restaurant
Dinner - Goulash party (with music)
Boszorkány Kollégium (Garden)
Friday May 21
City Walks & Conference Opening
Arrivals/Registrations Hotel Palatius
 11:00 - 12:30
City Walks in Pécs
 15:00 - 16:30
City Walks in Pécs
Board of Trustees Meeting
Conference Opening
Saturday May 22
Council Meeting and Chapter Fair
Council Meeting
Council Meeting contuinues
Chapter Fair
Conference Gala Dinner
Sunday May 23
Guides Tour
Explorations of Orfû
Last departure from Orfû
Return to Pécs
Monday May 24
Homestay program starts


Homestay in Veszprém

After the conference, PTPI's Veszprém Chapter invites to homestay.

Veszprém is one of the oldest cities in Hungary and is located 15 km north of Lake Balaton.

Veszprém Chapter cordially invites you to our beautiful historic town
to spend a few days with us and experience more of Hungary.

Marianna Hári Chapter President

The chapter suggests among others the following things to do when visiting Veszprém.

  • Sightseeing in Veszprém
  • Visit to the world-famous Village Pottery / Porcelain Manufacture in Herend
  • One day trip to Lake Balaton including a visit to the oldest abbey in Hungary on the Peninsula of Tihany, a boat ride to Balatonfüred and a swim in the lake depending on the weather.


Pécs  - The City And The Chapter

Pécs is beautifully located in the south-west of Hungary. It is the fifth largest city in the country and has a long history, which has enriched the current city. Main influences have come from the Roman, Ottoman and Balkan cultures. There are a lot of sights to visit in the city. It is no surprise that the Necropolis of Sopianae was declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 2000.

The city is still very international as the universities attract more than 30.000 students - many from abroad.

PTPI in Pécs

In 1996 PTPI held its European Conference in Pécs. Now, fourteen years later the chapter invites members to its city again. A lot has happened since the first conference.

Members of the chapter have actively participated in the International Visitors Program - as hosts and guests, attended several international conferences and in summer 2007 organised an international youth camp: "East meets West" at Lake Balaton.


The year following the camp a student chapter was founded in Pécs. Thanks to the cooperation between the chapters there is a close cooperation with PTPI's Oroslavje, Croatia Student Chapter with which exchanges in both directions have taken place.


PTPI is very happy to have the two active chapters in Pécs. The key member the last few years has been Hans Randau, who also started the first PTPI radio station. Hans has served on PTPI's Board of Trustees. Current chapter president is Gergely Kiss.


European Capital of Culture

Together with Essen (Germany) and Istanbul (Turkey), Pécs is currently the Culture Capital of Europe. This means that there are a lot of extra programs and opportunities in the city. In addition the city center has been renovated, which makes the city even more beautiful, in addition to its unique character and atmosphere. Pécs is characterized by its youthful energy, thanks to the fact that it is a university city. Everyday, as well as in large-scale festivals, you can sense the colorful busy street life with its squares and places of enteratainmet. Moreover, the city is enriched with historic sites and builiding, which host eventful programmes and events.


List of Participants

110 Participants


Genci Mucaj
Valbona Mucaj


Susanna Gregoryan
Nelli Torosyan


Giséle De Castelberg
Gabriel Fragnière
Anne Maria König
Jean Pierre Salomé
Daniel Schaubacher
Myriam Schaubacher-Taes


Sevda Beleva
Boryana Gotsova
Denitsa Panova
Karina Tatarova

Czech Republic

Lucie Dankóva
Jiřina Vejdělkova
Eliska Vránová


Heather Exell
Stuart Exell
Andrew Martin
Leila Martin
Carlos Ferrer Miralles


Ruta Pels
Svetlana Pirita


Anne Hawksworth








Kurt Buchholz
Hannelore Büchler
Peter Büchler
Maria Chimirri
Hans Denk
Luise Denk
Verena Denk
Brigitte Kasigkeit
Gerhard Kasigkeit
Arik Komets
Astrid Langner-Buchholz
Tiberius Matcau
Gretl Neuper
Lars Poignant
Hans-Dieter Robel
Christiane Schadow
Celine Schadow
Riko Schadow
Dagmar Schönbeck
Ilona Schmidt
Dorothee Sproede
Amanda Tressler


Anikó Bedekovits-Garami
Friedbert Berger
Natalia Bogdan
Benigna Csernyanszky
Szilvia Kázmér
Gergely Kiss
László Komlósi
Anna Mandel
Matyas Matyas
David Noveczky
Vivien Noveczky
Éva Orosz
Zsolt Palmai
Renáta Papp
Veronika Papp
Terézia Peák
Hans Randau
Julia Randau
Erzsébet Sándor-Szalay
István Tarrósy
Zoltan Teleki
Dorottya Vidak


Valeria Magistrelli
Pierluisa Ronchi


Antra Roskosa


Alexandru Buzdugan
Olga Sirbu


Ariadna Auriga-Borówko
Kaja Borówko
Ewa Dudzic
Andrezj Puchacz


Constantin Danciu
Sorina Danciu
Corina Moraru
Cristina Timirgaziu


Rolf Dahlberg
Antoinette McIntyre-Andersson


Anca Alius
Ronnie Blakeney
Charles Blakeney
Isabel Hänni
Ernst Honegger
Claudia KrebsSimon Krebs
Ulrich Krebs
Helga Milou Obrecht
Michael Schlatter
Martin Stern
Hanspeter Wenger


Denis Iatsyshyn
Olena Kovtun
Viktoriia Melnychuk
Kateryna Romanova


Wanita DeToma
Mary Eisenhower
James Gunning
Ron Hicks
Anita Manuel
Troy Nash
Fay Roe
Joe Stansberry
Mark Stansberry
Marsha Wallace

 List of Sponsors

We thank the following conference sponsors for supporting the event:

Peter Büchler
Ariadna Auriga-Borówko
Rolf Dahlberg
Heather Exell
Stuart Exell
James Gunning
Ernst Honegger
Brigitte Kasigkeit
Arik Komets
Andrew and Leila Martin
Carles Miralles
Valbona and Genci Mucaj
Lars Poignant
Hans Randau
Julia Randau
Myriam Schaubacher-Taes
Dagmar Schönbeck
People to People International
People to People Europe
PTPI Brussels