Newsletter 2005-3

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Message from the President

Dear friends,

On behalf of all members I extend our sincere sympathy to those chapters in countries affected by the recent flooding and hurricane disasters. We understand that People to People International will be providing an opportunity to support those chapters working to assist relief locally and we are confident of a significant response.

It has been pleasing to learn of the chartering of new chapters recently in Kiev, Galych, Vaslui and Montpellier and we look forward to welcoming their members at our events.

We also held a successful meeting for a small group of members from Europe in London, where work is in progress on a possible new chapter.

Our Swiss chapters have had visits from members in Romania on three occasions during the summer, a very good example of the inter chapter links we would like to see developing

My own chapter was very grateful for the many messages of support we received at the time of the atrocities in London. The 500 Student Ambassadors then in London and 300 more en route there were unaffected, and our CEO Mary Eisenhower was able to support them in person. With our Trustee Sir Andrew Bowden MBE and two of the younger students, Ms Eisenhower laid a wreath at the memorial to the victims in Westminster Abbey

Our Chapter Leadership Seminar in mid- October, the first of its kind, has been fully subscribed and 27 chapters from 15 countries will be represented.  We are grateful for the support of PTP International and the former Stockholm Chapter which has meant that the cost of participating has been minimal. At the same time your Executive Board will be meeting to begin planning for our 2006 Annual Meeting in Denmark, 26 -28 May book the date now.

I write these few words having just returned from a very helpful and encouraging visit to our Berlin Office where Lars, Verena and I discussed future plans for PTP Europe and our budget for 2006 with CEO Mary Eisenhower and Executive Vice President / Deputy CEO Marc Bright.

I believe we have laid the groundwork for an exciting future in which I am sure you will all enjoy playing a part.

Sincere good wishes,

Peter Whitby, President of PTPI’s European Council

PTPI Experiences

Alexandru Vlasceanu and Razvan Tofan in Switzerland

The trip in Switzerland was a great experience for me, it was the first time I traveled in a foreign country and I was impressed by the Swiss way of living and most of all by the Swiss way of thinking! People in Switzerland are very open minded and that is one of the reasons why I spent such a great time there! Switzerland is a country where the concept of People to People is at home and I want to thank everybody for the opportunity which I had, the opportunity to make cultural exchange which I think is very important in our days!

About people and places in Switzerland: the homestays gave us the opportunity to find out something about the customs, about some places in Switzerland. I was very lucky because I was able to see most of the country, and I have one word to describe everything: diversity! I was able to practice some of my favorites sports like swimming and cycling and about the food what can I say - delicious! Switzerland is a country where you can learn new things and I hope more people will get to live the Swiss experience!

Alex Vlasceanu, PTPI Roman

Our dream has come true

This summer three of us (Katerina Savinova, Lilia Hamidullina and Tatjana Vodrina) all members of PTPI’s Tallinn and PTPI’s Estonian Youth Chapters visited London. It wouldn’t have happened without PTPI’s program “Study visit to London”, arranged by Carles Mirales.

The four day program was saturated and it contained unforgettable visits to museums, galleries, palaces, cathedrals and parks. We had the opportunity to meet with members from other PTPI chapters, who also took part in the program, make friends with them and exchange our impressions of London.

We enjoyed every moment of our stay no matter what the changeable weather was like. According to the tradition we threw some coins into the waters of the Thames River, so that we could return to London again.

Tatjana Vodrina, PTPI Tallinn

Calendar of Events

Date Program Contact
August 29-
September 9
Interlaken, Switzerland / Fall trip in Germany, Denmark and England Ernest Wälti
September 3 Bern, Switzerland / Summer party in Bauernmuseum Jerisberghof, Bern Otto Burri
September 7 Brussels, Belgium / Visit of the animal park of Planckendael Christine Pairon
September 15 Karlstad, Sweden / Chapter start up meeting

PTPI European Office

September 15-30 Burgas, Bulgaria / Artistic Ambassador Program: Moshe Mendelssohn Exhibition Mariana Baeva-Königsberg
September 28 PTPI Open House in Berlin PTPI European Office
September 30 Brussels, Belgium / Visit of the town of Lierre/Lier Christine Pairon
October 2 Brussels, Belgium / Day excursion to the Franchimont castle in Theux Christine Pairon
October 5 Brussels: Visit to exhibition: “Photographie et dynastie” Daniel Schaubacher
October 7-9 PTPI Leadership Seminar in Berlin: "Tolerance in Intercultural Cooperation: Building Bridges between Chapters"
October 15-16 YG Meeting in Bern, Switzerland
October 30 and
November 27
Brussels, Belgium / Dancing: waltz, mazurkas, polkas and more  Christine Pairon 
November 11  Brussels: Veterans’ day excursion to ”Chateau de Seneffe“  Daniel Schaubacher 
November 18 Galych, Ukraine / Seminar: "Euro-Atlantic integration steps of the Ukrainian NGO" Vasyl Ukhman
November 19 Brussels, Belgium / Theater show "De Toone" for the 175th birthday of The Revolution Christine Pairon
November 23 Brussels, Belgium / Day excursion to Factory Outlet Shops at Maasmechelen. Christine Pairon
December 7 Brussels: Visit of exhibition: “Brussels during WW II” Daniel Schaubacher
December 10 Annual PTPI Brussels Christmas Dinner Dance Daniel Schaubacher
December 19-
January 7
Galych, Ukraine / Winter holidays' cultural program for youth Vasyl Ukhman
January 17-19 Galych, Ukraine / Seminar: “Exercise of Democracy" for leaders of the NGYO and public leaders Vasyl Ukhman
February 17 Interlaken, Switzerland / General meeting for the chapter's 10th year birthday Ernest Wälti
April 1-7 Plovdiv, Bulgaria / Training of Teacher’s Trainers in Human Rights Education With Young People PTPI Plovdiv
May 26-28 European Conference in Denmark Svenn Erik Kristensen
August 23-27 17th Worldwide Conference and 50th Anniversary Celebration in Sydney PTPI European Office

PTPI Young Generation Meeting in Bern, Switzerland: October 15-16, 2005


PTPI members and non members between 19 and 30 years old are invited to spend a weekend in the wonderful Swiss mountains near Bern. Among other activities, the participants will have the chance to walk in the for est and have lunch in an Emmental farm, as well as visit the Zentrum Paul Klee and the Röthenbach tower.

Events of other organizations recently published on the Mailing List of People to People Europe

You need to subscribe to the list in order to use it. To subscribe you simply send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "subscribe" in the  subject line. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an e-mail to the same address with "unsubscribe" in the subject line. Below are two examples of information that was recently distributed through the mailing list.

Subject International Competition "European Visions" 
Date from July 2005 until the end of February 2006
Target Group young people between 17 and 25 years old 
Price The winners will be awarded a free place in the AEGEE Summer University 2006 and computers or digital cameras as a courtesy of Hewlett Packard.
Organizer European Movement International (EMI) with the support of the European Commission
Contact Information European Movement International - Projects Department
Square de Meeûs, 25, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium,
Tel: +32 2 508 30 86, Fax: +32 2 508 30 89
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject Competition for exchange projects on Peace in Europe 

October 15th, 2005 for projects carried out February 2006 - December 2006 or
March 15th, 2006 for projects carried out September 2006 - July 2007

Target Group International school and youth-group partnerships 
Profile of Participants Young people aged 14 or older from Germany, Central and Eastern Europe as well as Israel. Other countries are welcome to join as well, but they need to have partners from Germany AND either Central or Eastern Europe or Israel. 
Price Funding is available for projects of school partnerships and/or youth groups.
Organizer Frieden für Europa – Europa für den Frieden, MitOst e.V., The “Remembrance and Future” Fund
Contact Information Mrs. Ulrike Daniel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject International Training Course on Coaching Youth Initiatives organized and funded through the YOUTH program of the European Commission in order to support participants in developing their knowledge and skills to work as youth projects counselors / coaches.
Date From October 30 to November 6, 2005 
Deadline September 30, 2005 
Target Group 30 participants at least 21 years of age 
Profile of Participants
  • Youth workers, social workers, youth leaders, educators, trainers who are directly working with youth initiatives
  • Action 3 officers in the National Agencies who are actively supporting the applications and processes of action 3 projects
  • Willingness to start co-operation with the National Agency of their country as coaches (multipliers) or regional body and to support youth initiatives in their own country
  • Willingness to contribute to the development of a national network of coaches who support peer training for young people involved in youth initiatives
  • Having supported / coached at least one youth initiative within the YOUTH program
  • Able to communicate and work in English
  • Resident in YOUTH program countries (25 EU countries + Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey)
  • Sending costs (travel costs, insurance) will be covered by the National Agencies sending participants to the course
  • Hosting costs (accommodation, food, program activities, local transport) will be covered by the Italian National Agency

Please complete the attached application form and send it before September 30, 2005 to your National Agency.


SALTO Youth Initiatives Resource Centre and European Commission

Contact Information

Henar Conde, Co-ordinator SALTO Youth Initiatives Resource Centre,
BIJ- rue du Commerce, 20-22, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium,
Tel.: + 32 2 227 52 77, Fax.: + 32 2 548 38 89.
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PTPI  Updates

Flood relief

In recent months different regions have been hit by waters in different forms. Our chapters and members in Romania have suffered the largest flooding in 500 years. The river Siret rose 20 times its normal size and had the same volume as river Danube! In city of Lungoci the water level reached 21,5 meters.

In August, Switzerland experienced extremely high water levels after heavy rain. Even though the water is gone, the work on assessing and repairing the damages will take a long time. The costs in canton Bern alone will reach hundreds of millions dollars.

The devastating effects of Katrina over the Southern US and specifically the city of New Orleans is regarded as the largest natural catastrophe in the country. The effects are still not possible to estimate.

PTPI calls for members and chapters to support the victims of these disasters. You may consult a local or national help organization on how to contribute. You may also contribute online to PTPI. Simply indicate how you would like the money to be used.

Thank you for supporting these victims.

New Chapters

PTPI is happy to welcome its new chapters formed this summer in Galych and Kiev in Ukraine, Montpellier in France and Vaslui, Romania.

Galych is the name of the old Ukrainian capital in the middle of the 12 century and is located in the western part of Ukraine in the picturesque region. PTPI's Galych Adult Chapter members have already some experience in public activity and hope to have new success within PTPI.

The contemporary city of Kiev is the capital and the administrative, economic, research, cultural and educational centre of the new independent state of Ukraine, one of the largest European countries, with the area of 603,700 sq. km and a population of 2,626,500 in 2000.

MontpellierMontpellier (Monte pestelario) is located in southern France near the Mediterranean Sea. The city lies 100 miles northwest of Marseilles, 471 miles southwest of Paris and 31 miles southwest of Nîmes. A former trading post for spices, place of pilgrimage and centre of learning in the fields of medicine and law, Protestant fief then Royal capital of the Languedoc region, Montpellier's strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean basin has ensured it constant prosperity. Now the prefecture of the Hérault département, it is a city that never ceases to amaze!

Vaslui is a Romanian city in the Moldovia region. It has a population of 80.000. The first appearance of the city of Vaslui is in 1435, when Ilies becomes a voivode of Moldavia. Vaslui is situated in the east-north-east of Romania, on the middle watercourse of the Barlad River.

Worth visiting is the Stephen the Great County Museum, which opened in 1971. This excellent Museum has an Ethnographic and History section, as well as a modern room for art exhibitions.

 Closed chapters

PTPI’s St Petersburg, Russia and Gjirokastra, Albania chapters ended their activities with People to People International.

On Track – in French

PTPI would like to let its chapters, members and friends know that On Track is also available in other languages such as French. On Track is the monthly bulletin published on PTPI's Web site to inform about current PTPI activities all around the world. We therefore encourage you all to stay updated.

PTPI Leadership seminar in Berlin, October 7-9

The PTPI Leadership meeting in October will be attended by 32 presidents and trustees from 26 European Chapters. The three-day event will be combined with homestays in Berlin and an EEC meeting on October 6th.

Pen Pal Program

PTPI has decided to close its Pen Pal program. Any future requests for pen pals will be forwarded to ePALS.

European Office – New intern

Jennie Hery-Jaona has been the intern since June. We thank her for her work and friendship as she will return to Malta for her studies. We are happy to welcome Teresa Cal from Spain, who is the next intern from September on.

Chapter Reports


PTPI’s Galych Chapter members have experience in public activity and hope will get new successes within PTPI Europe. We will develop PTPI activity in all directions and share in events with our partners. We also should find ourselves little place in PTPI and believe you will help us. It is important and interesting for us that methods and forms of practical work in chapters are directed at the overall harmonious development of their members: development of their art of communication, public leadership, initiative, teamwork, Euro-Atlantic outlook and European-Atlantic conscience. We hope these themes will be interesting for other chapters, because we have different and interesting experiences.

Welcome to PTPI’s Galych Chapter! We will be happy to meet you and introduce you to nice Ukrainian people and show you wonderful places, about which to sing Ruslana (winner of Eurovision 2004).

Our future events

1. PTPI’s Galych Chapter and regional NGO and NGyouthO (western part of Ukraine) and regional administration will organize the Seminar "Euro-Atlantic integration steps of the Ukrainian NGO" on November 18;

2. Members will organize a cultural program for kids and youth: "Winter Holidays" from December 19 to January 7;

3. Members will organize a seminar "Exercise of Democracy" for the public leaders and leaders of the NGYO between January 17 and 19, 2006.

Vasyl Ukhman


American Ambassador in Brussels meets with People to People Belgium OfficersBrussels

On July 1, the Ambassador of the United States of America to Belgium and Mrs. Tom C. Korologos invited Marie-Louise Smeets, External Affairs Officer, and Daniel Schaubacher, President of People to People Belgium ASBL, to a reception and Country and Western concert featuring the band "Hearts of the Rockies" from Aspen, CO, and the Art in Embassies Program with paintings by Dan Young and Greg Stocks, respectively from Colorado and Texas, at their Residence.

It was an opportunity to briefly introduce the Ambassador and his wife to People to People and its international programs, and to remind them that PTPI President/CEO Mary Eisenhower’s father, the Hon. John D. Eisenhower, was likewise an American envoy to the Belgian Kingdom Mary, granddaughter of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, is very fond of the European capital since her sojourn as a young student there.

Other events

In July and August, we met and hosted PTPI Board Member Ernst Honegger and his wife, Martine, and Board of Trustees Vice Chairman Otto Burri and his family, who visited Belgium from Switzerland.

On July 2nd, our indefatigable Vice President Blanche Decoster and I, with members of the Swiss club, enjoyed the historic 2 1/2 hours folkloric procession and show on the illuminated Brussels Grand Place, called Ommegang, which with over 2,000 actors dressed in epoch costumes, horse parades, banners, fireworks, bands and all, commemorated the solemn entry of Charles V into Brussels in the 16th Century.

Coming events

Our program of activities for the coming months includes visits to a zoo, to the Campine historic city of Lier, to the Franchimont medieval castle and fair, to the magician Jack Cooper's "Artifices" show, to Belgian painter Felix de Boeck's museum, a puppet show, dinners and teatime, and to the Maasmechelen Factory Outlet where we will return for the fourth time for a discount shopping spree. Last but not least: we invite you to our Christmas and End-of-Year Dinner Dance, on Saturday December 10, at the Panoramic Restaurant Plein Ciel of the Hilton Tower Hotel in Brussels. Come and visit the European capital!

Daniel Schaubacher


Chester Chapter members have had a very quiet few months enjoying (for England) a very hot dry summer. The weather has recently changed - cooler and rain.

The only events have been three homestay visits: two from Switzerland (Regula and Veronica and Isabel) and one from Germany (Peter and Hannelore).

Coming events

We shall be holding a "Bridge Drive" on October 13th to raise funds for the Chapter. In December we hope to have a group outing to the Liverpool Empire (a very large theatre) to see the operetta "The Merry Widow".

That is all from Chester. Have a good "Indian Summer".

PS. We have just been seeing the dreadful photos on TV of the floods in central Europe. Our hope is that all members of PTPI are safe and well.

Andrew Martin


PTPI’s Milano Chapter has had a very hot summer in hosting. First, we had the privilege to have here Ted Britton, the former Ambassador of the United States to Barbados, on his way back home after having taken part in the European Conference in Tirana. Then, we had the very nice visit of 16 students and 2 teachers, led by Olga Ganzen, from the Art Major of Park University (Parkville, Missouri, USA): they were all hosted by our members. During the day they had a fixed program of cultural visits useful to their university career. The group had a guided visit to the: cathedral (Duomo) and the downtown area, La Scala theatre, Vittorio Emanuele Gallery. Moreover, they visited: Pinacoteca di Brera and Castello Sforzesco, Quadrilatero della Moda, Santa Maria delle Grazie church, Sant'Ambrogio church, Università Cattolica, Fondazione Mazzotta, where there was the exhibition "De Nittis: the Italian impressionist", the Poldi Pezzoli museum and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. The weekend was spent with the families. As for me, I took two of the girls to visit Santa Margherita Ligure and Portofino.

All of us had a very great time with our guests. For instance we spent a very nice evening at Just Cavalli Café, another one eating pizza and dancing Latin-American at Crazy Jungle's. Moreover we had happy hours, dinners, and nights in pubs. When they left, we all were very sad and we miss them a lot!

At the same time, while this group was still here, another group from Scottsdale, Arizona (USA) arrived: eight students with their leader Ruth Allen. They were all hosted by our members, as well. The visit was more or less the same. We're organizing now another homestay with PTPI’s Plovdiv Chapter (Bulgaria).

Chiara Pedretti


"Cylindr 2005"

A special celebration of the Children’s Day organized by People to People International Sternberk and Plejady Children’s Club took place on the 5th of June as the previous year. But there were two differences. This time it was on a Sunday and not a Saturday, and more important it was not raining as the weather was wonderful. More than 60 children and adults came to enjoy themselves, and they all took part in various competitions and games prepared with the idea of creating a bit of Australian and Spanish atmosphere. One of the favorite competitions was throwing the boomerang or "kangaroo race" (jumping forward dressed in big sacks). There were two categories: children more or less than 10 years old. The most successful competitors got diplomas and sweet awards:

Children less than 10 years old:
 Children more than 10 years old:
1st place - Sara Dulavova, Unicov - 2 years old
2nd place - Michal Filip, Unicov - 6 years old
3rd place - Anicka Skladalova, Litovel - 4 years old
1st place - Martina Ulicnikova Olomouc - 12 years
2nd place - Andrea Otevrelova, Sternberk - 14 years
3rd place - Petra Hrochova, Sternberk - 11 years

Cylindr is a beneficiary happening, and we managed to organize a special "Cylindr auction". The highest prices offered were a giant cake and a bottle of Spanish wine "Sangre de Toro“. The auction gain will support international youth projects organized by PTPI's Sternberk Chapter. Last year it was the "Kookaburra Expedition 2004" to Australia, and this year it is an exchange project with a group of young people from Spain. We are going there for a fortnight in July, and they will come to visit us at the beginning of August. We will certainly keep you informed about this project.

Back to Cylindr. Everybody had the chance to win something. There was the final draw of entrance tickets: the main price for children was a big rucksack, and there was a delicious cake for adults. Last but not least there was an Australian and a Spanish dance and a ringo match. There were lots of things (such as gingerbread boomerangs and bulls) and experiences to take home. So next year (in June) you are very welcome to be there with us.

Youth summer exchange in Navarra region, Spain

The youth members of PTPI's Sternberk Chapter spent a wonderful two weeks time in the Spanish region of Navarra as part of the international exchange project. The name of our project was “We are going to change the World from Europe“ and we tried to help to fight against racism and xenophobia, save our nature and take care of our environment.

We met new friends and people from different cultures, we did a lot of interesting things and enjoyed the whole program. The first few days we could be a part of the summer camp in Pyreneyas with 100 other children and youth from Spain. The beautiful nature and mountainous region helped us to feel at home there. Children found our language very easy, so we could talk together and teach new words to each other.

Meeting with the mayor of the town of Tudela was quite nice and interesting. Tudela became our host town during the Fiestas and we really loved that time and celebration there. We danced with the others in the main square in Tudela at midnight, we wore the white clothes with the red scarves, watched the bull fighting and running through the streets of Tudela. We felt like the real Spanish for a while and it was a fantastic opportunity to find the way how Spanish people live, work, celebrate and enjoy their lives.

The best thing during this summer exchange was that we met our friends in one week time. We will welcome them in Czech Republic.

31st July – 13th August 05 “Bienvenidos Amigos“

The warm welcome of our friends from Quetzal Tudela at the Prague Airport. It was lovely to see them all again and that it was our group’s turn to show them all the best of the Czech Republic.

We followed the aim of the project and prepared the program in cooperation with the Mental home and Caritas in Sternberk. The fantastic event was the multicultural evening with singing, dancing, cooking and tasting typical Czech and Spanish food. We spent the whole day in the Mental home and organized the sports activities for the patients, decorated T-shirts together and spent the evening singing Czech and Spanish songs.

Our Spanish friends could try riding the bicycle, which is not a typical thing for them and 50 km on bike was really a great experience. One day on rubber boats brought us a lot of fun, even if the rain came in the afternoon. We cleaned the walking trail Prabába around Sternberk and helped to make our surroundings much nicer.

The Czech Republic was not the only the place which our friends could see. We visited the Slovakian mountains for a few days and climbing was the main content of the daily program. We tried a typical Slovakian meal – halušky and spent a day in a natural museum.

These two weeks’ time together went very fast and we had to say Good Bye to our friends from Spain. Last day in Prague and see you someday. There is only one thing to say:  “Adios don Pepito!” “Adios don Jose!”

PS: Thank you to PTPI and ČNA Mládež – program Youth for support and help.

Coming events

September 23- 25 Feedback: summer exchange; meeting of the members (Bystřec) 
November  PTPI Sternberk Chapter Meeting
December Christmas celebration Sternberk Chapter 


We would like to invite you to visit Czech Republic and we can offer you a homestay in Šternberk or in the very close region. If you are interested in a homestay you can contact our homestay coordinator: Marek Kašik – email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All the information about PTPI Sternberk can be found at (including the latest Cylindr pictures); Kookaburra expedition:; Children’s club Plejady information:

Helca Metelkova, Plejady and PTPI Sternberk


The board meeting was held on the evening of 12 August. All six board members were present. We talked about the following points:

  • Our next action will be the sending of 80-90 Canon electric typewriters (provided by a vocational school) for our sister chapter Roman. The half of them will be sent to Iasi and the rest to Roman.
  • Ernst Honegger, Valeria and I will fly together on September 19 to attend the conference in Seoul and will come back on the 25th.
  • We discussed our next Newsletter which will be sent in the next 10 days.
  • Our chapter is planning another YG meeting October 15-16.

September 3

Our traditional summer party was created and introduced years ago to thank the new host families. It gives them the opportunity to meet our members and to exchange views about their first experience with homestay-guests and contact with PTPI. For the first time we welcomed a record number of 130 US Student Ambassadors.

Fifty three people came to visit the "Farmers Museum Jerisberghof", ten miles west of Bern. Also present was Gina Boiculese, the leader of the YG-group of our sister chapter Roman (Romania). She is on a two week visit with her sister Petronela.

After and interesting visit through the over 300 years old historic farmhouse, now open as a museum, a dinner was offered. Homestay-Coordinator and board member Ulrich Krebs was honored with a certificate as "Champion Homestay Coordinator 2005", signed by Mary J. Eisenhower CEO, Dick Berkley, President Board of Directors and Otto Burri, Bern Chapter President.  

Otto Burri

Interlaken/Berner Oberland

Greetings from sunny Switzerland! Chapter Interlaken/Berner Oberland has had a lot of ins and outs this summer, met a lot of new friends, and had a lot of water, coming in over the banks of our beautiful lakes, and going out of the cities, and back to their river beds. We’ve had so many wonderful experiences this summer I thought I’d make a chart so you can get an overview.


When Where from No. of guests No. of host families No. of days Remarks
June Arizona, USA 4 students, 1 teacher 2 5 1 pianist loved the daily practice;
First time ever:  parents sent a thank you e-mail to host family
June USA 40 students, 4 teachers 22 4 Rules for students helped, but we still are waiting for the promised notes.
June Pennsylvania Day group Artos Zentrum 2 PR meeting hosted by Regina Wälti
July 8 - 10 Europe (all Swiss, Romania, Ukraine) 12 and YGs 3 Weekend YG meeting, with a program led by two members from Chap. Spiez on intercultural conflicts and mediation: barbecue, boat trip & asst. youth activities
August Bucharest, Romania 3 young women 3 5 First official visit from our Sister Chapter Bucharest in Romania. Chapter party honored the guests, and gave them a “Key” to Chapter Interlaken and to the City.
On the calendar Ukraine Minister-Counselor & family from the Ukraine Embassy 1 2 Special program from Meet the Diplomats, with a special evening organized by the chapter to honor the Minister.


When Where How many How long Remarks
May Albania         7 chapter members 5-9 days PTP European Conference, a wonderful and memorable experience, one of the greatest conferences ever.
June London and other parts of England 1 chapter member About one week Study visit in London, organized by a colleague we met at the Worldwide Conference who visited us over the winter holidays, followed by homestays
July Germany, Denmark, Sweden 2 chapter members  2 weeks including homestays,
youth hostels
Report to follow
June - Aug Mongolia   1 chapter member 3 months Teaching English in a PTPI Mongolia sponsored program. Great reports of an extraordinary inter-cultural exchange
Aug England 2 chapter members About a week Homestays in Chester and elsewhere


When Where How many How long Remarks
September Berlin 2 chapter members Week-end Homestays attached to Berlin Marathon
September Berlin, Denmark 2 chapter members About a week
October Berlin 2 chapter members 3 days PTPI leadership seminar

I would like to make note of what a wonderful experience my husband and I have had at two recent PTPI Interlaken Chapter events. First, hosting the young women from our sister chapter Bucharest was a special treat for us. We live in a small apartment, so when the two girls multiplied to three we were a little concerned, but they made themselves right at home and helped us recall what PTP was all about. Second, we just returned from the All-Swiss meeting hosted by Chapter Zurich. Thirty-five chapter members from all over Switzerland gathered in the hills above Zurich, where we could see this beautiful land after days and days of rain and flooding, and in the company of old friends and new be grateful for the world we live in, and the opportunity to connect. People to People Interlaken. It’s what life is all about.

Ronnie Blakeney


Swiss meeting: August 26, 2005

After a very wet week the sun began to shine when we met at the station. We were 34 members from all chapters. Brigitte and Gerhard from Berlin joined us, as well as Anna from the former chapter Lucerne. Otto invited Gina and Petronella from Roman. The cable car brought us on top of the hill and we had a wonderful view over the lake of Zürich. Reception and lunch was in a cozy country restaurant. Everybody had time to talk to others and meet new members while we were walking to the station. At the Naturzentrum we had some coffee and made plans for further meetings.

Claudia von Ellerts


On their trip through Estonia six chapter members met with PTPI’s Tallinn Chapter members for a dinner in Tartu. Two members met the chapter's president Piret for a dinner as well and the other 4 met her for a coffee break some days later. In Viljandi four members met with the chapter's president Sirje for a nice city walk and lunch.

Coming events

October 7:
November 17-20:
December 3: 
Evening: meeting with the participants of the Leadership seminar.
Trip to Prague
Traditional trip by train to Treuenbrietzen. Once there, a city tour is planned, followed by a coffee drink.

Brigitte Kasigkeit

Florence (chapter in formation)

We sponsored a wonderful picnic (an activity within the 4th of July Picnic) organized by the US Consulate here in Florence. Our activity was called “kids corner” in which we organized games and artistic activities for about 50 children, we also made some good contacts for new members for our Florence chapter. However as you well know, in Italy, August is a funny month during which people just leave. So we will be having a general meeting in September for our new founding members and at that time Kirste Milligan (future vice president) will forward your office the forms and money due for membership. I would expect that some of our initial activities will be in collaboration with other non-profit organizations here in Florence such as the Food for Africa Association, this will allow us, given our limited funds, to start up and get our name known here in Florence but we need to decide here as a group and naturally I will keep you informed.

Marc Berarducci