Newsletter 2004-2

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Message from the President

Dear PTPI family in Europe,

Firstly, I want to congratulate

  • Svenn Erik Kristensen on his election as President of  PTPI Denmark and on his immediate efforts to rejoin PTPI Europe
  • Ernest Waelti on his election as President of PTPI Interlaken-Switzerland and on his very positive  vision of chapter development
  • Georgeta "Gina" Boiculese on her election as Leader of the YGs within PTPI Roman-Romania and on her leadership in the weekly activities and projects
  • all other dedicated members (names unknown to me) who were elected into chapter board positions at their Annual Chapter Meetings
  • PTPI Brussels-Belgium for their invigorating activities under the leadership of Chapter President Daniel Schaubacher
  • PTPI Albania on their 5th anniversary celebrated at the beginning of May 2004 under the leadership of Genci Muca

As spring with sunny weather but still some brief cold spells has firmly settled throughout Europe and summer time is near all of us should continue to plan for the major PTPI-event 2004! A unique and possibly a life time opportunity for many members to attend a PTPI Worldwide Conference (WWC) including the PTPI Europe Annual Meeting in October 2004 in Baveno-Italy. Do make use of all the promotions and sponsorships available like Chapter Grants, Chapter Promotion, Artistic Ambassadors, Chapter Subsidies, Individual Sponsoring and others. The respective information is available from multiple sources like,, PTPI Head Quarters in World Headquarters-USA, PTPI European Office in Berlin, Chapter Presidents and others. Be active and apply wherever possible and sensible to you. Do not hesitate to ask if you need assistance and do not give up at the first hurdle. Only if you take action and complete all the necessary forms and questionnaires you will be able to benefit. You have absolutely nothing to lose but multiple chances to win!

Based on the present and not yet final conference agenda our PTPI Europe Annual Meeting will be

  • Thursday 14 October 2004 13h00 - 18h00 Business Session
  • Saturday 16 October 2004 14h00 - approx. 15h00 Chapter Presentations
  • Friday 15 October 2004 09h00 - 10h30 Chapter Workshop

Therefore, please plan to arrive on Wednesday 13 October 2004 latest around 18h00 for the Welcome Party and depart on Sunday 17 October 2004 anytime during the day.

Changes and elections PTPI European Executive Committee EEC:

My 2nd ,and according to our by-laws, last 2-year term as President has technically expired on 22 May 2004, the virtual date of our Annual Meeting 2004. Since I am looking forward to pass this distinguished position on to an elected successor at our AM in October 2004, I am calling on all of you to look for such suitable, capable, dedicated and willing members for official nomination in August/September 2004 and latest at the AM. Should you prefer confidentiality you may advise your suggestions to me or to one of the other EEC-members and we shall peruse them with due discretion. Our contact details are in this Newsletter or on Thank you for your kind support.

In closing I wish you a very enjoyable spring and early summer time with plenty of positive PTPI-activities all around Europe. All the best, keep well and do keep smiling.

Your President  

Ernst Honegger

PTPI Experiences

Global Youth Service Day Project in Berlin: Intercultural Encounter - Romania

Romaniain dayOn May 5, PTPI’s European Office in Berlin hosted a project for Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). Thirty students from a Berlin classroom were invited to learn more about Romania and about the efforts of PTPI’s Iasi Chapter in support of a local day care center. In order to contribute to PTPI’s initiative, they collected some school material and are planning to write letters and prepare a collage about Berlin. Thus they want to help PTPI in making this fundraising effort a true people-to-people experience for both sides.

During the workshop, Gheorge Pascu from the Romanian Cultural Institute “Titu Maiorescu” introduced the students to Romanian geography, history and culture. The students also had the opportunity to do some research on their own. They critically discussed stereotypes vis-à-vis Romania as well as their origins and reflected on limited sources of information in Germany concerning this country.

That evening, the Romanian theme continued as PTPI’s Berlin Chapter hosted a cultural event complete with music, dinner and speakers from Romania. Several Romania related institutions of Berlin provided their support. The Romanian Embassy prepared a buffet with Romanian food. A board member of the German Romanian Association gave a lecture on Romania and arranged an exhibition with photographs taken during his various travels all through the country. The Romanian violinist Jean Berlescu presented original Romanian folk music.

According to the beliefs of PTPI, the aim of this project was to get people interested in other cultures and open their minds for new ideas and points of view. As a humanitarian mission, proceeds were donated to the Iasi Chapter’s efforts with the children. Eighty people joined the celebration, including two members from PTPI’s Chester Chapter (UK).

The staff of PTPI’s European Office wants to express his gratitude to the supporting institutions and all the volunteers that helped to make this event a success. We also thank our members in Iasi that established the contact to the day care center and provided information as well as pictures.

Verena Denk, PTPI’s European Office

Training for Multicultural Teamwork: Strasbourg 29th February – 7th March

There were 30 participants, aged 18-30 years old, and  actively involved in NGOs. The great thing was that they came from all parts of Europe.

The study session comprised Power Point presentations, small group exercises, energizers (to ensure we are all lively and don’t fall asleep during the rather long days), role-playing, and the forum theatre. In addition, the trainers ensured that we were able to reflect on what was learned and how we could improve the structure of the sessions.

There was a flow of discussions on core topics such as diversity/volunteer management, conflict prevention/resolution, inclusive teamwork, stereotyping, defining culture as well as in-groups / out-groups and the implications of the latter. All issues were discussed and put into practice through interactive group-work which improved the learning process considerably.

A forum theatre was created on “conflicts involving or attempting to include ethnic minorities”. The aim was reflecting real life scenarios to some extent. In addition to the educational aim of the activity, all the participants really enjoyed displaying their acting abilities.

Overall, the study session was a great learning experience both professionally, in terms of disseminating what was learned to our organisations, and personally, as I had the opportunity to meet a friendly and diverse group of people from all corners of Europe. There was an intercultural evening with traditional food.

We had the chance to visit the Council of Europe (COE). Moreover, the city of Strasbourg was beautiful with its scenery and the 17th and 18th century buildings with gorgeous facades.

The hospitality was first rate and I would like to use the opportunity to express my appreciation and compliments to the Inter-Cultural Youth Exchange for organising the study session (ICYE) and to the trainers Evor, Lena, Faudhil and Kristine. In addition the participants were all wonderful to meet and engaging in constructive dialogue. Last but not least, thanks to my organisation for supporting me in participating in this worthwhile initiative. Such international events which bring together both, majority and minority people, allow us to work together to tackle issues, address stereotypes, share good practices and find ways of improving our organisations and responding to the challenges of an ever changing society.

Ergys Bezhani, PTPI Albania

PTPI Updates

Staff in PTPI’s European Office in Berlin

Since January 19, PTPI has a new staff member in the Berlin office: Verena Denk. Verena is from Würzburg and will work as a full time member of staff with chapter and program development. She has completed the International Business and Cultural Studies at the University of Passau and has been a volunteer for two international student exchange organizations.


PTPI in Albania celebrated its five year anniversary on May 7th. 70 members came to Berati for the event. Today there are five (!) chapters in Albania. Thanks to PTPI’s Berati Chapter President Shpetim Dyrmishi for organising the event and also to PTPI Trustee and Chapter Founder in Albania: Genci Muca for all dedicated work for the chapters and programs in Albania.

Youth Chapter in Tirana

There is one more Chapter in Albania. Since spring there is a PTPI Student Chapter in Tirana. Young Armando Husa, who attended the PTPI Peace Camp in Egypt last year is Chapter president. The Chapter plans a variety of programs such as:

  • Mini Soccer competition between several elementary schools.
  • Voluntary work serving to the people of the area.
  • Summer camp 2004

If the European Conference takes place in Tirana next year, the chapter will invite young members to come to Albania.

PTPI Stockholm

After 20 years as a PTPI Chapter, PTPI’s Stockholm Chapter has been closed. At its annual meeting in March it was decided to close the chapter. The main reasons have been low activity and membership. Yet, throughout the years the chapter has offered many programs; exchanges with Estonia and Poland, as well as hosting many incoming Student Ambassador and Collegiate groups. In addition, the 2002 European Conference was hosted by the chapter.

The PTPI Stockholm Chapter members will still keep in contact with PTPI members and the will to meet other people will remain. If and when the chance comes, a new chapter will be started. In the meantime, the Collegiate Program will continue.

Contacts to language teachers

Now and then the European Office gets inquiries from people (members and non-members) who want to teach a language in a foreign country. We have tried to pair these people with PTPI programs and chapters. If chapters are interested in contacts with teachers, please let us know and we will see how to arrange a partnership. One possible idea is to offer accommodations for 1-3 months and he or she teaches part time within the Chapter or community. Most recently a retired Spanish teacher asked if we could find a place for her.  Please contact the European office for further details.

PTPI’s School and Classroom Program in Europe

Educators are welcome to join PTPI’s School and Classroom Program, which pairs classes of primary, middle and secondary students in different countries.  Two classes form a partnership, enabling students to work together on pen friend projects that improve their cultural understanding and help them form friendships.  Classes communicate via the postal service, online forums hosted by PTPI, and teacher email accounts.  To join, teachers register online at (visit the Web site links Programs, Student Programs, School and Classroom Program) or request a registration form by writing to PTPI World Headquarters or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please share this rewarding, free program with educators and schools in your area!

Internship in the PTPI European Office, Berlin. Deadline: June 19

PTPI continues to offer an internship in its European Office in Berlin. We are currently accepting applications for the period starting July 19th and ending October 8th 2004 as well as for the period starting September 26th and ending December 3rd. Deadline for application for each period is one month prior to the respective starting date. More information on this program can be found on our Web site under Internship.

PTPI’s Tirana Chapter member elected to the COE Language Courses

On behalf of the PTP Europe, we would like to congratulate our friend Aleksander Ndini, a member of PTPI’s Tirana Chapter-Albania, who was accepted to the Council of Europe Language Program. Good luck Aleksander!

PTPI Ravenna’s Italian Culture and Language Program

If you are interested in learning Italian or improving your knowledge in one of the most beautiful and historical cities of Italy within an international environment, PTPI’s Ravenna Chapter is offering the perfect course for you.

The eight two-week intensive courses take place between May and September and combine the study of basic grammar with the use of audio-videos and open discussions focused on oral expression and vocabulary. These courses have a total price of 1000 Euros and are offered at different levels ranging from beginner to advanced. The classes are held by PTPI’s Ravenna Chapter/The English Centre Ravenna, which also provides accommodation within apartments.

For further details and information on how to apply please contact directly directly with PTPI Ravenna c/o The English Centre, Via Maggiore 147, 48100 Ravenna, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

PTPI’s 2005 Global Calendar

Please note the deadline for contributions to PTPI’s annual calendar is August 1. We invite you to share your original photographs and special holidays/events for 2005. Prizes will be awarded to those whose photographs are selecte. Questions may be directed to Cindy Spake at PTPI World Headqaurters ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

PTPI Artistic Programs to promoting Peace through Understanding

Attention student poets! People to People International wants your original poetry expressing peace for our world.  Primary, middle and secondary students who have participated in PTPI’s School and Classroom Program, Student Chapters, Student or Sport Ambassador Programs, Global Youth Forum or Peace Camp are invited to submit poems to be considered for publication in PTPI’s student newsletter titled Our World.  Poems may be composed in any format or length and must be students’ original work.  This project is ongoing with poems chosen for each student newsletter, so there is no deadline.  Please direct questions and poetry for the Poems for Peace in Our World Project to Stacey Chance at PTPI World Headquarters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Primary, middle and secondary students with an artistic flair are invited to participate in People to People International’s annual Global Youth Murals Project! Join students around the globe to create artwork that illustrates our world’s unique cultures and hope for friendship and “peace through understanding.”  Murals created for the 2004 project will be exhibited at PTPI’s Global Youth Forum in Atlanta, Georgia USA November 10 - 14 and in Kansas City, Missouri USA to celebrate International Education Week November 15 - 19.  One mural created by primary students and one by secondary students will be chosen for awards of US$50 and will be featured in PTPI’s next People Magazine.  Murals may be submitted any time before the deadline October 25, 2004.  Postage assistance to mail murals to PTPI World Headquarters is available to groups that qualify (contact PTPI for more details).  So get started!  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request guidelines for creating a Global Youth Mural.  PTPI would be delighted to see your school and community represented!

Meet the Diplomats

The material for the Meet the Diplomats program has arrived and will be distributed. The following chapters have shown interest in the programs: Brussels, Tallinn, Iasi, Harrogate, Milan, Bern – any other chapter is also welcome to join at any time.

People to People International Caravan in Sibiu County, Romania

PTPI’s Sibiu Chapter in Romania has undertaken an ambitious initiative intended to popularise People to People International’s values and activities around this important region of the country.

The project has already been awarded with a PTPI Matching Grant, which will serve as important support for the efforts of the chapter. The Caravan will hold interactive weekend seminars in various towns of Sibiu’s region as well as present a mobile photo exhibition with images of PTPI activities and special attention to the contribution of Romanian Chapters.

The Caravan is expected to take place between April and June. For more information, please contact PTPI’s Sibiu Chapter ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

PTPI Asia Pacific Council

We are glad to announce the recently publication of the new Newsletter of PTPI Asia – Pacific Council. We invite you all to read about the coming events and realised programs of our friends in the Asian – Pacific region.

PTPI’s Brussels Chapter’s language courses

In cooperation with the cultural organisation WIAMS, PTPI’s Brussels, Belgium Chapter is offering summer language courses. Programs are available from 10 days to three weeks, during summer holidays, for those between the ages of 8 – 18. Youth from abroad are welcome and programs include language courses by experienced professionals, full room and board, sports and excursions. For more information visit or contact Daniel Schaubacher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PTPI seeks Pen Pals in Europe

PTPI’s Pen Pal Program has been offered to member and non members since the start of PTPI. For more than a year Julie Goodhart has coordinated the program on a volunteer basis from PTPI’s World Headquarters.

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to ‘all of You’! My name is Julie Goodhart, and I am the Pen Pal Coordinator for People to People International at our World Headquarters in Kansas city, Missouri, USA. I was very fortunate to meet many of you in Roman, Romania, last year at the European Conference. What an incredible experience that was for me! I remember each and every one of you. For PTPI members that were unable to attend I hope I have the pleasure to meet you in the near future. Perhaps at the WWC in Baveno, Italy.

I would also like to ask for your help. I am seeking anyone and everyone from Europe who would like to become a Pen Pal. Or if you know of someone who would like a Pen Pal, please have them contact me for an application at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit our Web site at and click on Pen Pal.
The Pen Pal Program is a free service that fosters friendship between people of different nations through letter or email exchange. PTPI matches thousands of requests annually according to age and interests.  Individuals ages 13 or older are encouraged to participate.

Think how much fun it is to receive a letter from a far away place, or an email in your inbox from someone who would like to know more about your country and more importantly about you! It can be a friendship for a lifetime!!

Penpal age

Penpal region

The Pen Pal Program has participants from 13 to over 60 years old and represented in all continents.

Most participants are young, but there are pen pals of all ages and many have participated for several years. Currently there are pen pals in more than 100 countries. In Europe only 34 countries are represented.

PTPI’s 16th Worldwide Conference

What: PTPI’s 16th Worldwide Conference, which is in conjunction with PTPI’s Board of Directors Meeting, PTPIs Board of Trustees Meeting, PTPI’s European Council Meeting and PTPIs Asian Council Meeting.  This conference is geared for adults 18 and older.

Why:  PTPI’s Worldwide Conference provides the opportunity for its international members and friends to come face-to-face to advance international understanding, education and friendship.

The Grand Hotel Dino
28831 Baveno (VB)
Lago Maggiore, Italy
+39 03 23 922201 phone
+39 03 23 924515 fax

When:  Worldwide Conference: Wednesday, October 13 Friday, October 17, 2004

Meeting Schedule:

  • Board of Directors Meeting Monday, October 11 and Tuesday, October 12 (Trustees are welcome to attend the open portions)
  • Board of Trustees Meeting Wednesday, October 13 (All members welcome to attend)
  • European Council Meeting Thursday, October 14 (All members welcome to attend)
  • Asian Council Meeting Friday, October 15 (All members welcome to attend)

Who:  PTPI invites all members, friends and family to join us for this important four-day conference.  Dignitaries from the surrounding areas will be on hand to welcome you to Baveno, as well as President and CEO Mary Jean Eisenhower and Host Chairwoman Valeria Magistrelli. She and her host committee, PTPIs Milan Chapter are working hard to make this the best conference yet.  Confirmed speakers include: Dr. Mona Makram Ebeid, former member of the Egyptian Parliament; Sir Andrew Bowden, former member of the British Parliament; Ambassador Francesco Paolo Fulci, former ambassador to the U.S.; Dr. Paolo Brambilla of Action News, S.r.l.; and Nigel Robinson of HALO.  An invitation is pending with the former President of Colombia. A special presentation will be made on The Foundation to Help the Children, an organization sponsored by the Milan Chapter. Entertainment will include local performers, including a cultural performance organized by PTPIs Milan Chapters Vice President Chiara Pedretti. We are pleased to announce that two PTPI Artistic Ambassadors, one visual and one performing, will also be present at our Conference. The chosen Artistic Ambassadors will be announced once their participation is confirmed.

How to Register: You have an option to register on-line by visiting our conference page on PTPIs Web site ( or complete the registration form found in your Conference Registration Brochure and fax or mail to PTPI World Headquarters. The Early Bird Conference Registration Package is US$450.00.  This includes all sessions, business meetings, coffee breaks, the Welcome Reception, the Awards Luncheon, the Cultural Performance and reception, and the final Gala Dinner.  Please remember that the Early Bird deadline is July 31, 2004. We apologize but tickets to individual events will not be available.  Delegates are responsible for making their own travel and hotel accommodations, please see additional information below.

How to Get There: The airport closest to Baveno, Italy is the Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP). It is located approximately 45 minutes from Baveno.  Ground transportation from the airport to your chosen hotel in Baveno can be arranged through our official ground operator, Insieme Viaggi. They can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +39 0233002117. It will cost approximately 35 EURO per person for shuttle service from the airport to your hotel.

How to Make Hotel Accommodations: For your convenience PTPI has secured three hotels for our conference the Grand Hotel Dino (Conference Hotel), Hotel Simplon, and a bed and breakfast. The latter two are within walking distance of the Grand Hotel Dino. The rates range from 84 to 264 EURO (Double Occupancy). All rates include VAT, service charges and breakfast. Please review your Conference Registration Brochure for additional pricing information. It is requested that your hotel reservations are made by July 11 through our official ground operator, Insieme Viaggi. They can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +39 0233002117

What Else?

TOURS:  We encourage you to take advantage of the day tours to Milan and Turin, as well as the post conference tours. A trip to Florence/Rome for seven days is one option or a three day getaway to Venice may be the right journey for you! Please check out the details in your Conference Registration Brochure, visit our conference page at, or contact our ground operator, Insieme Viaggi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +39 0233002117.

CHAPTER PROMOTION: PTPI is offering a special chapter promotion, whereas five members register and the sixth registration is free!  This is a great opportunity to get your chapter members involved in this unforgettable experience. Please ask your chapter president for more details or contact PTPI World Headquarters. Additionally, PTPI will issue fifteen (15) Worldwide Conference grants to chapter members from Europe, Asia, and the U.S., which waives the registration fee. We thank all those members who applied.
You won’t want to miss out on this spectacular experience! TAKE ACTION and register today. Should you have any questions, please contact Karen Hoch at PTPI World Headquarters at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 816.531.4701, ext. 127. We look forward to welcoming you to Baveno, Italy!

PTPI European Conference will take place on October 14th and will be part of the PTPI Worldwide Conference. The Conference will be in the afternoon from 13 to 17 and comprise both the Council Meeting according to the bylaws and if possible workshops.

Any conference participant may attend the meeting. At the meeting the following items will be decided on:

1. Two positions of the PTPE Executive Committee; President and Secretary.

Position  Officer  Election 
President  Ernst Honegger, Bern  Has served four years. Cannot be re-elected. 
Secretary  Hans-Dieter Robel, Berlin       Has served two years. Can be re-elected 
Treasurer  Reto Limacher, Lucerne  Re-elected 2003: No election 
Youth Coordinator       Bogdan Tamba, Iasi Elected 2003: No election
PR Officer Rolf Dahlberg, Stockholm Elected 2003: No election

2. Location for the 2005 European Conference.

PTPI’s Tirana Chapter will present the Albanian capital as location for next year’s conference.
Homestay in Europe

European Chapters offer homestay before and after the Conference. So far the following have explicitly expressed interest in hosting conference participants. More chapters are welcome to offer homestay.

  • Denmark
  • Harrogate
  • Tallinn 
  • Bern
  • Lucerne
  • Berlin 
  • Iasi
  • Interlaken
  • Zürich

Calendar of Events

When What Who to contact
May 30-31  PTPI’s Zürich Chapter visiting PTPI Tallinn Chapter  Peter Morger 
June 7 PTPI’s Belgium Chapter Annual General Meeting Daniel Schaubacher
June 11 PTPI’s Belgium Anniversary Dinner Dance Daniel Schaubacher
June 15 PTPI’s Chester Chapter: Annual General Meeting Heather Exell
June 20 PTPI’s Berlin Chapter Traditional Barbecue Brigitte Kasigkeit
June 22 PTPI’s Chester Chapter: Concert at Eaton Hall Heather Exell
June 30 PTPI’s Chester Chapter: Salmon Supper at Eaton Hall in aid of The Guide Dogs Betty Holland
June 19 Deadline for internship applications: PTPE European Office
August 21 Regional Meeting of the PTPI Swiss Chapters Regina Wälti
October 14 European Council Meeting 2004 in Baveno, Italy Lars Poignant
October 13-17 16th Worldwide Conference in Baveno, Italy Karen Hoch
October 30 PTPIs Berlin Chapter’s 25th Anniversary Brigitte Kasigkeit
November 10-14 Global Youth Forum in Atlanta, GA, USA Jeremie Ballinger

Chapter Reports

PTPI Interlaken

Greetings from Chapter Interlaken in the beautiful Berner Oberland.

Switzerland is beautiful all year round, and in spring, with flowers ringing the lake and snow frosting the mountains, we are particularly inspired to invite our colleagues and friends from around the world to join us for homestays. We specially invite you to join us for a few days in October before or after PTPI Worldwide Conference. Baveno, Italyis only a short (2-3 hour) train ride from Interlaken which makes us the closest chapter to Baveno.

News and views:

The news from Chapter Interlaken is that after eight tireless years as chapter president, Regina Wälti has retired from active duty.  With an unanimous vote and a round of applause, her husband, Ernst Wälti, a twenty-year PTPI veteran, was elected new chapter president at our Annual Meeting in March. We also set the calendar for the coming year.  We are expecting 45 student ambassadors in mid June, and will host the all-Swiss Meeting in Interlaken on August 21. In this time of unrest in the world, we look forward to a summer of Peace through Understanding --- and to seeing all of you on Lago Maggiore for the Worldwide Conference.

Polish up your dancing shoes, there’s going to be a party.

Ronnie Blakeney

PTPI Troisk

We would like to share our happiness with you regarding the meeting of five members of PTPI Troitsk with Mary Eisenhower that took place in Moscow April 19, 2004 within the framework of the "Mission in Understanding" she headed. It was an extremely friendly, warm and at the same time, effective business meeting. Mary absolutely charmed all of us! And we are glad that we had an opportunity to tell Mary about the history of our chapter and its activities as well as about Troitsk, a picturesque town close to Moscow, which has a great scientific and business potential as an open town to the outside world. We also discussed the problems and plans of our chapter for the future and we were happy to get support from PTPI regarding that. Due to recent democratic elections, the new Mayor and his administration face new challenges in the development of Troitsk. I.e. They envisage establish the Technical University and the University of Arts, to develop innovative business based on the scientific potential of the town and to support international educational and cultural programs. As all these plans are aimed at enlarging contacts between Troitsk and the outside world, we reckon that PTPI can be a part of them. We were also happy to give the invitation of our Mayor to Mary to visit Troitsk and to discuss possible future programs.

We were very much encouraged and inspired after the meeting and we had a very warm feeling that we got a new, understanding friend in the name of Mary Eisenhower!

Nikolai Efremov, PTPI Troitsk President

PTPI Belgium

PTPI Belgium/Brussels Chapter continues its active program of events.  Every Monday afternoon there is a bridge party,  and every Thursday evening French conversation tables at Maison de la Francité, downtown Brussels, followed by up to 28 expatriates who wish to improve their French conversation skills. A successful event took place on Monday, April 5,  when 25 People to People members and guests proceeded by bus to Maasmechelen Outlet Village, at the Belgian/German border, for a one day shopping experience. Many are already asking that this excursion be repeated in fall. Other guided tours include a visit to the Brussels St. Géry district and its markets,  including the Tintin cartoon exhibits;  a visit to the St. Gudule Cathedral;  to the Royal Greenhouses at Laeken,  and a one-day bus excursion to St Peter's Abbey Museum in historical Ghent,  and to the archeological museum in Bruges.  The annual meeting is planned for June 7 with a concert by the British/Flemish singing couple and folk music group Andy and Di.  The summer dinner dance, on June 11, will be another highlight. At this year's Welcome Fair for expatriates, PTPI Belgium President Daniel Schaubacher and his wife called on representatives of international clubs,  service and community agencies, insurance and financial institutions and shared with them information on, and invitations to, PTPI events.  Myriam and Daniel have recently visited with the Pécs chapter newly animated by Hans and Julia Randau, in South West Hungary.

PTPI Berlin

The new board of PTPI Berlin Chapter, elected on March, 3rd, is headed by Klaus Radke, as President; Erdmann Moeller, as Vice President and Brigitte Kassigkeit as Treasurer. Likewise, the new Board of Trustees has also elected new members to cover the tasks of Public Relations (Hans-Dieter Robel and Judith Schoembs) and Youth Coordination (Hannelore Buechler and Schoenbeck).

PTPI’s Berlin Chapter is meanwhile planning to welcome the summer season with their traditional barbecue on June, 20th.