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Message from PTPI Europe's President

Dear PTPI family in Europe,

Upon my return from the last PTPI Board of Director (BOD) Meeting at Jupiter Beach Resort in Florida-USA, this time as part of an over three week business trip, herewith my by now traditional message to you, my PTPI friends and members of PTPI Europe.

From my point of view a few highlights of the BOD Meeting on 29 and 30 January 2004:

  • First attendance of the October 2003 newly elected, truly young Directors which bring "new blood" to this Board,
    • Rolf Dahlberg, Stockholm-Sweden (Europe).
    • Stephen "Steve" DiGiacinto, Kansas City-USA (Hallmark Cards).

Both were elected to the nominations committee and Rolf even as Chairman! Further, Peter Tage from DK is the first alternate member.

  • First attendance of the October 2003 newly elected Treasurer of the Corporation

Joseph "Joe" Patterson, a truly international professional who has not only traveled and worked worldwide but lived in Asia and Europe for many years.

  • First time reasonable representation of the European PTPI membership by
    • Rolf Dahlberg, Sweden (Voting)
    • Peter Tage, Denmark (Voting)
    • Peter Whitby, Great Britain (Advisory Non-Voting)
    • Ernst Honegger, Switzerland (Voting)

on the worldwide PTPI-BOD with 17 elected and voting members plus up to five voting members by virtue of their position!

  • First time serious considerations of my continuous request and proposals to hold two (2) of the three (3) annual BOD Meetings in other world regions than the USA, closer to our international membership, namely Europe, Australia, Asia and MidEast-Africa, in cities like Berlin-Germany, Taiwan-Taipei, Cairo-Egypt, Bunburry-Australia, Cape Town-South Africa or Manila-Philippines.
  • First time Peace Camp in Egypt-MidEast-Region December 2003: Tremendously positive reports of participants, lifetime and life changing "people to people experiences", great contribution to peace in the region on an individual basis and important momentum for continued and expanded PTPI activities.
  • Expanded and new travel programs by Ambassadors under the PTPI banner.
  • Further changes in our professional staff under Mary Eisenhower.

Please, feel free to contact Rolf D., Peter T., Peter W. or myself if anyone of you would like more information on BOD activities or if you want to bring certain issues or concerns to the BOD's attention. We are your representatives and therefore we are open to your input that we may do the best possible job in your interest!!

Special thanks to our "Grand Lady" and great friend, Anita Manuel with her family and friends from the Palm Beach Chapter for being great hosts to this BOD Meeting!

Worldwide Conference (WWC) 2004 including PTPI's Europe Annual Meeting

Our next major event will be the WWC 13-17 October 2004 in Baveno-Italy with the European Annual Meeting on Thursday 14 October 2004. Please mark these dates in your agenda and prepare now to participate in this lifetime PTPI experience. Keep up-to-date with all the respective information and all the possibilities of financial assistance! PTPI's Milano Chapter will serve as host.

Lastly, just a reminder to submit the complete address list of all the dues paying members of your chapter or national organization to PTPI-HQ via our PTPI Europe Office in Berlin now! Only this way will everybody have access to and receive the same multiple benefits. IMPORTANT: All this data is well protected and secure and access to it very limited!!

Keep very well and foremost do keep smiling.

Your President,

Ernst Honegger

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PTPI Experiences

English in Dublin City with the Council of Europe

Last summer Pavel Smulski of PTPI's Tallinn Chapter took part in one of Council of Europe Language courses. This is his report from his weeks in Dublin, Ireland. For this summer there are again courses for PTPI members to apply to. (Please see under "PTPI Updates")

The English Language Course 2003 organised by the Council of Europe took place in St. Columbas College, Whitechurch, in Dublin (Ireland) from June 30th to July 25th, 2003. Different people from more than ten countries, mostly from Eastern Europe and former USSR but also from France and Italy, took part in this language course.

Many methods of presentation were used during the course: lectures, debates, workshops, working groups for planning campaigns. People from the Council of Europe, the Department of Education and Science and National Youth Council of Ireland were invited to share their deeper knowledge about the different topics.

During intercultural classes we learned more about the culture of different countries, which is very useful for our future work. We had many workshops; one was about the different NGOs we represented. I spoke about People to People International programs and activities. Many questions were asked about the PTPI Pen Pal Program and the summer camps we are doing in Estonia. I invited people from other countries to come to our camps. There was also a presentation of the Scouts of Ireland and we had a chance to visit the office of the Volunteering Workers of Ireland in Dublin.

The intercultural evening was an event to which all participants contributed by dancing, singing or preparing various delicacies from different cultures. Such a variety of talents was displayed by the participants that we could only wonder what else we do not know.

The info market was a great success. It gave everyone the opportunity to collect and to offer a lot of materials and posters. Our bags became twice as heavy as they were when coming to the language course. An Open Forum was held at the end of the course for people to express themselves about different topics or to add things not thoroughly discussed during the previous days.

During weekends, we were given the opportunity to visit Dublin museums and pubs. I was in the Irish National Museum, the Trinity College, the Dublin Castle and the James Joyce museum. One weekend, when the Orangist Parade took place, I visited Belfast on my own. It was very interesting for me.

I appreciate very much that People to People International recommended me to the English Language Course 2003 and I am grateful for the support from the National Youth Council of Ireland. The English language course was very good: we all have improved our English and made new friends.

Thanks to an internet chat group we now communicate with each other. It is very useful for me personally and for People to People International Estonia, because we can share ideas and information about our activities.

Pavel Smulski, People to People Estonia Youth Coordinator

PTPI's Roman Chapter says: "Thank you, Charlie!"Roman Chapter

It's kind of sad when we think that she is not going to be at our meetings every Thursday, but we know that she will always support us and give us advice and ideas for our projects no matter where she may be," say the YGs of PTPI's Roman Chapter.

Charlotte Lee, the Peace Corps volunteer working with PTPI's Roman Chapter is now at the end of her service in Romania. Adult members and the YGs will miss her since she has become part of the family. She started her service in April 2002 and has been actively involved in the chapter's projects.

Charlotte established weekly meetings for the Roman YG Group including almost 50 active members, with a focus on interactive learning, English language acquisition, teambuilding, organizational and project management and the increase of international understanding through group projects and international exchange. Charlotte guided and mentored the YG Group in training sessions and facilitated their participation in a leadership summer camp in Sovata, Mures County. In July 2002 she accompanied six Youth Group members on a two-day regional debate camp sponsored by ARDOR Romania.

You may remember her during the PTPE Annual Conference where she was a key person in the Organizing Committee, participating in planning the event, maintaining the conference database, implementing the Conference program including the town guided tours and the buddy program.

Charlotte contributed a lot in facilitating donations from US-based organizations such as a donation in books from Darien Book Aid Plan and a Computer/internet connection through PTPI Friendship Fund worth more than $1,300.

We are all grateful to you, Charlie, and will always have a special place in our hearts for the lovely kind of person you are. A hearty THANK YOU and good luck!

Sorina Danciu, President PTPI's Roman Chapter

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PTPI Updates

AIPES – American Institute on Political and Economical Systems

Explore the political, economic and cultural issues of the world! Learn about the foundations of democracy and free market economics!

Students living and studying in Europe, as well as American Citizens, are invited to study the basic foundations of a free society, and are encouraged to apply these concepts to the transitions taking place in their home countries. Courses are conducted in English; therefore, proficiency in English is required. For PTPI members there is a possibility of getting a Matching Grant. To apply for this, please contact Theresa Stock at the PTPI World Headquarters, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

AIPES is now accepting applications for July 7 - 29 2004. Final application deadline is March 15 2004. For more information and to apply to the program, please visit

Internship in the PTPI European Office, Berlin

PTPI continues to offer an internship in its European Office in Berlin. We are currently accepting applications for the period starting June 7th and ending September 10th 2004 as well as for the period starting August 30th and ending November 27th. Deadline for application for each period is one month prior to the respective starting date. More information on this program can be found on our Web site under

New PTPI Chapter in Iasi, Romania

In Europe, the newest addition to our PTPI chapter network is PTPI's Iasi Chapter in Romania – the fifth in Romania. We want to use this opportunity to welcome Chapter President Adriana Tamba and the members and wish them every success in their efforts. Her e-mail address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

PTPI's Cultural Program Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

People to People International offers the possibility to live and teach English in Ulaanbaatar for two to three months.

The program is open for members and non-members. The visitor gets the chance to develop an understanding for the Mongolian culture while PTPI members in Ulaanbaatar can learn more about other countries and improve their language skills.

Reimbursement will be in the form of free accommodation and a language course in Mongolian or Russian.

Council of Europe – Language courses

As last year, the Council of Europe in cooperation with the European Youth Centre is offering a language course program for youths. The languages to choose from are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Italian

The program addresses young people actively involved in youth work, aged between 18 and 30. Except for the enrollment fee of 100 Euro, all expenses are covered by the European Council.

Applicants should send the completed applications to the PTPI European Office before the 1st of March 2004. Up to two candidates can be nominated by PTPI for each language course.

Missions in Understanding to Europe

PTPI Missions in Understanding have been taking place since 1990 as an opportunity for individuals to experience first hand the political, social, cultural and economic environment of each country visited. Humanitarian projects and home visits are incorporated wherever and whenever possible.

Two of these Missions in Understanding go to Europe:

  • Mission in Understanding to Russia, April 17 – Wednesday April 28, 2004
  • Mission in Understanding to Iceland, June 18 – 26, 2004

For details about this mission, please contact an Ambassador Programs associate at +1 877 787 2000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

People to People International Caravan in Sibiu County, Romania

PTPI's Sibiu Chapter in Romania has undertaken an ambitious initiative intended to popularise People to People International's values and activities around this important region of the country.

The project has already been awarded with a PTPI Matching Grant, which will serve as important support for the efforts of the chapter. The Caravan will hold interactive weekend seminars in various different towns of Sibiu's region as well as present a mobile photo exhibition with images of PTPI activities and special attention to the contribution of Romanian Chapters.

The Caravan is expected to take between April and June. For more information, please contact PTPI's Sibiu Chapter ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

PTPI Awards

PTPI recognises chapters and individuals for their efforts within the organisation. All Directors, Trustees and Chapter Presidents are encouraged to nominate worthy individuals to receive an award during the PTPI's 16th Worldwide Conference. The Awards Manual and Nomination Form are available on our Web site,

Awards categories:

  • Eisenhower Medallion
  • Eisenhower Distinguished Service Award
  • Make a Difference Award
  • Outstanding Leadership Award:
    1. Board of Directors level
    2. Board of Trustees level
    3. National and Regional Councils level
  • James T. Doty Memorial Award for Unique and Innovative Programming:
    1. Individual Award
    2. Chapter Award
  • Best Chapter Newsletter Award
  • Best Chapter Web site Award
  • Chapter Leadership Award
  • Chapter Membership Award
  • International Visitors Program Award
  • James T. Doty Memorial Award for Unique and Innovative Programming (Student Chapter)
  • Best Student Chapter Newsletter Award
  • Best Student Chapter Web site Award
  • Student Chapter Leadership Award
  • Student Chapter Outstanding Adult Advisor Award
  • Student Chapter Membership Award
  • Community Service Project Award (School and Classroom Program)
  • Lifetime Achievement Recognition Award

PTPI Ravenna's Italian Culture and Language Program

If you are interested in learning Italian or improving your knowledge in one of the most beautiful and historical cities of Italy within an international environment, PTPI's Ravenna Chapter is offering the perfect course for you.

The eight two-week intensive courses take place between May and September and combine the study of basic grammar with the use of audio-videos and open discussions focused on oral expression and vocabulary. These courses which offer different levels ranging from beginner to advanced, have a total price of 1000 Euros. The classes are held by PTPI's Ravenna Chapter/The English Centre Ravenna, which also provides accommodation within apartments.

For further details and information on how to apply please visit the program website or contact directly with PTPI Ravenna c/o The English Centre, Via Maggiore 147, 48100 Ravenna, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

New Chapter Questionnaire

The Chapter Presidents will find attached to this newsletter the Chapter Questionnaire 2004. The questionnaire is an essential tool of the PTPI network enabling us to establish links between our chapters worldwide. Thank you for filling it out thoroughly and accurately.

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Coming Events

International Youth Summer Camp in Estonia – "Responsible for the Future"

PTPI's Tallinn Chapter organises in cooperation with "New Age" Language Centre a youth summer camp aimed for youngsters ages 15 to 17 who would like to participate in a lot of different activities within an international environment. They include interactive workshops and discussions on current international issues such as Cultural Heritage, Global Education or Youth against Violence. Also fun and part of your Estonia "experience" are theatre, dance and reporter's class; Martial Arts classes, sports events and outdoor games as well as sightseeing tours and excursions to get to know the beautiful medieval city of Tallinn and the Estonian culture.

All PTPI members as well as other young people from all over the world are encouraged to take part in enjoying the summer time, making friends from different parts of the world and thus, promoting peace and understanding.

For further details and information on how to apply please visit the program Web site or contact directly with "New Age" Language Centre This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Marina Elbing 10 Uus Tallinn, 10111 Estonia.

Global Youth Service Day 2004

Global Youth Service Day 2004 will take place from April 16 to 18. Global Youth Service Day mobilizes youth in more than 125 countries to rebuild communities, break down ethnic barriers and increase peace through community service. Millions of young people in countries around the world will carry out thousands of community improvement projects. PTPI encourages its chapters to participate in this international event.

"Countries around the world are beginning to recognize young people as assets, tapping into their amazing energy, commitment, and skills to solve problems," said Steven A. Culbertson, president and CEO of Youth Service America. "Young volunteers from different geographic, socio-economic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds are organizing service projects, public awareness campaigns, and forums that tackle some of society's most intractable problems," Mr. Culbertson added.

"Young people represent a dynamic force of creativity and change," said Benjamin Quinto, International Co-Coordinator for the celebrations and Director of the Global Youth Action Network. "Global Youth Service Day creates a remarkable opportunity to exemplify the power of a generation uniting its efforts to build a better world," Mr. Quinto added.

In the past, volunteer activities ranged from raising money and collecting supplies for all kinds of social institutions as well as people in need to cleaning school buildings and community areas. Visits to old people's homes and orphanages were organized. In some countries conferences and discussions of politicians and government officials served as opening events for the different projects undertaken by the young volunteers. Last year, an estimated 4 000 000 youth took part. The activities were always covered by local, sometimes by national and even international media.

PTPI invites its members and friends to organize special projects and events involving the surrounding community or reaching even further by, for example, cooperating with other PTPI Chapters. If you are interested you may visit the GYSD Web site at or contact Jeremie Ballinger, director of youth programs, at PTPI World Headquarters: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Calendar of Events

When What Who to contact
March 3 Annual Meeting of PTPI's Berlin Chapter Brigitte Kasigkeit
March 5 Annual Meeting of PTPI's Interlaken Chapter Regina Wälti
March 9 Annual Meeting of PTPI's Bern Chapter  Otto Burri
March 12 PTPI's Lucerne Chapter: Round Trip on Lake Lucerne and Lunch Anna Bühler
March 20 Annual Meeting of PTPI's Stockholm Chapter Viktoria Olausson
May 8 Regional Meeting of the PTPI Albanian Chapters Genci Muca
May 30-31 PTPI Zürich Chapter visiting PTPI Tallinn Chapter Peter Morger
June 7 – Sept 10 Next Internship in the PTPI European Office in Berlin European Office
July 26 – August 7 International Youth Summer Camp in PTPI's Tallinn Chapter, Estonia Ruta Pels
August 21 Regional Meeting of the PTPI Swiss Chapters Regina Wälti
October 14 European Council Meeting 2004 in Baveno, Italy Lars Poignant
October 13-17 16th Worldwide Conference in Baveno, Italy Karen Hoch
November 10-14 Global Youth Forum in Atlanta, GA, USA Jeremie Ballinger

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Chapter Reports


Since its re-animation last year, the chapter has successfully concentrated on gathering old and new members to a number of more than ten. We will, thus, be able to offer possibilities for homestays again.

Though basically an adult chapter, PTPI's Pécs Chapter has good contacts with the local University and schools, and we hope to improve the chances for further activities, such as pen-pal program, school & classroom program etc.

Meanwhile, the PTPI Mission & Belief Statement as well as the Information Folder have been translated into Hungarian with the help of our friends in Budapest and elsewhere. We are now looking for ways to have them printed nicely in order to be able to hand them over to a greater number of people interested in our work.

As our next activity, we plan to come together for a meeting in which the chapter officers will be "legalized".

We also focus on keeping the contact to other organizations such as the local branch of the Budapest Club, which is quite well known as a successor of the famous Club of Rome.

We should like to invite other chapters to get in contact with us by way of e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit us in the beautiful medieval city of Pécs with its mediterranian atmosphere, here in the Trans-Danube region of Southern Hungary.

Hans G. Randau

PTPI Poprad

PTPI's Poprad Chapter joined the School and Classroom Program. An elementary school Jarna in Poprad successfully managed to pair its three classes with the classes in US. They already received mail from a partner class in US and are working on the reply.

We are still looking for more classes around the world, which would be interested to join School and Classroom Program and correspond with the Slovak classes in English or German language.

Milos Sálus

PTPI Belgium

PTPI Belgium organizes almost every week and especial activity for its members and guests. The highlight in December was the Christmas Dinner Dance at the Brussels Hilton Towers, which attracted some 75 members and guests, including Betty and Len Holland from PTPI Chester Chapter, England.

During their homestay, the Holland's visited many sights in Brussels and Bruges and briefed us on the PTPI's Chester Chapter remarkable music exchange program which will be announced in the February issue of the PTPI Belgium Newsletter. They also met with a violinist from Bulgaria who is interested in the program.

PTPI activities are announced by the local press.

On January 18, some twenty people went on a guided visit to the Japanese Tower and Chinese Pavilion with its exquisite displays of Chinese porcelain.

French conversation tables are taking place every Thursday evening for expatriates at Maison de la Francité, a beautiful, historic town house near the European district in downtown Brussels. Every Monday afternoon, Guy van Houtwrive, a veteran PTPI member, invites to bridge at a Brussels café.

On February 4, seventeen people visited the exhibition Treasures of Vietnam at the Musée du Cinquantenaire. On February 8, we also visited the humoristic Philippe Geluck's exhibition Le Chat at Autoworld which was followed by an evening show at the Royal Gallery Theatre. There we could enjoy the humoristic and satirical annual piece of La Revue - a review in the form of a musical and theatre play of Belgian and international events of 2003.

Coming activities include a visits to museums, guided tours through cathedrals and palaces as well as excursions and dinner dances. One of our most remarkable planned activities is a winter holiday in South Tyrol, Italy.

In cooperation with the cultural organization WIAMS, PTPI Belgium offers very reasonably priced summer language courses in French, English and Netherlandish (Flemish or Dutch) of 10 days to three weeks during the summer holidays for children of 8 to 12 and youth of 11 to 18 years of age. Info: or Roger Haccura, Tel: + 32 (0) 2 736 18 30. Children and youths are being taught these languages by experienced professionals in pleasant surroundings. The programs comprise full board and lodging (prices start around US $ 475 or EUR 350), sporting activities and excursions.

Youths from abroad are welcome.

Daniel Schaubacher

PTPI Chester

We had quite a busy end of year, with visitors from Chester's twin towns of Sens (France), Loerrach (Germany), Senegallia (Italy) and also special visitors from Pecs (Hungary) where as you know there is a PTPI Chapter, all here for a conference weekend, so we were there representing PTPI. This was at the end of October. In November we had a theatre trip and also took part in the NIKD on November 6th when we managed to raise $700 for the landmine fund.

December saw a very poor turnout for our Christmas afternoon tea party, but we made up for it in January when we held our annual "Silent Auction". This involves having a Sunday lunch in a very pleasant restaurant and throughout the time we are there, we have to keep bidding for the various items that have been brought by the members. The bids are written on cards attached to the different items and at the end of the meal you find out if yours is the last bid so you then have to pay for it! It is great fun whilst raising money for our student's fund. We were also pleased to be joined at this event by our president, the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress.

Then just last week at the beginning of February we had our big USA Spectacular Concert. This was the first year that it has been held in February and the first time that it has been held at the King's School in Chester. It was a particularly impressive concert with PTPI Chester's music student being presented with his travel documents for his visit to Lakewood, Colorado, where he will perform at various concerts. He is a wonderful viola player and we wish him well on his trip. The other performers included this year's vocal student, together with her school's choir, a wind band and a string orchestra and another former PTPI music scholar who is a pianist. Future events will include an Italian meal in March, a theatre trip in April, a plant sale with coffee morning in May, which will be a fund raiser for our student fund. To round off our official year our Annual General Meeting will be in mid June.

Heather Exell

PTPI Berlin

PTPI's Berlin Chapter has already held its first trustee meeting of the new year. The chapter's annual meeting will take place on the 3 of March 2004, when the new board will be elected. One of our members will go to PTPI's Sheboygan Chapter in April to do a homestay.

We invite PTPI members from all the chapters to join us for a homestay.

Brigitte Kasigkeit


We are very happy to report to you that we have already organized two wonderful events. The first was on the days of 21st and 22nd of December last year, when we have made an appeal to all our members and friends. We collected some money, and then paid a visit to the Bucium Orphanage and to Poieni School for poor children, (both nearby Iasi) where we assisted to some great artistic programs of the children. Afterwards, we distributed special Christmas bags with sweets and fruits to more than 200 kids. We also presented our organization and established the first contacts for future cooperation with these establishments. Our members were very satisfied with the outcome and, as a result, we have decided to do these kind of events more often.

The second event we organized was the New Year's Eve Party which took place at Durau, in the Carpathian Mountains. Some twenty actual and future members have gathered in a wonderful location to celebrate friendship and understanding.

Adriana Tambai

PTPI Interlaken

Greetings from the snowy hills and mountains of the Berner Oberland! From our windows the world looks like Panetone, a tall cake covered with powdered sugar. We invite our PTPI colleagues to join us for some winter homestays!

At our board meeting this month we set a calendar for the upcoming year to encourage members to save the dates. We have set our annual meeting for March this year, in a special hotel in Interlaken. This will be a membership meeting with an aperitif and a light meal, to encourage old members to bring potential new members.

We are also making plans for the Swiss regional meeting, which we will host in Interlaken on the 21 of August 2004. PTPI Switzerland members will come by car, train or ship to Interlaken and from there take a private bus to the woods, where we will stroll along the River Aare, to where it joins the lake of Thun, where we'll enjoy a meal together.

We also look forward to hosting international visitors before and after the Worldwide Conference in Baveno, Italy. We are about a three hour train ride away.

We wish you peace and loving kindness in the New Year.

Ronnie Blakeney

PTPI Lucerne

In the beginning of January 2004 we had our first board meeting of the New Year. We made our plans and worked out events for this year.

On the 23rd of January we had our general assembly. Together with some of our members we spent a pleasant and informative evening. A trip on Lake Lucerne is planned for the 12th of March 2004. We shall spend about 2 hours on a ship, where our Swiss speciality "Cheese Fondue" will be served. We hope and will be pleased to also see friends from other chapters among us.

Of course we look forward to the World and European Conference in Baveno. In our next newsletter we will let you know more about further events and news from our Chapter.

Anna Bühler

PTPI's Tallinn, Estonia Winter Camp

Thirty-two high school students enjoyed workshops, concerts and a two-day scout-trip to the countryside as part of the Winter Camp program, held January 4-13 in Narva-Joesuu.

The initiative took place as part of the Global Education Week 2003, organised by the Council of Europe's North-South Centre and had as focal point, the theme: "the world we are in, the world we want to be in". The students had fun while they talked about peace, the environment, ethnic and national diversity, minorities and human rights. Plans are currently underway for the Summer Camp. Questions may be directed to Ruta, president of PTPI Estonia, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PTPI's Tallinn also received the visit from Claudia von Ellerts from their PTPI's Zurich sister-chapter on February 11-16. She visited New Age school where she could meet with students and teachers. Several PTPI's Estonia members tried to ensure that Claudia had a nice stay among them. She had dinner with Irina Apatova, German language teacher and group leader for PTPI's Tallinn trip to Zurich last October and enjoyed with Ruta Pels, President of PTPI's Estonia, the performance of La Traviata in the Estonia National Opera Theatre. There was also the chance to discuss the program of PTPI's Zurich Chapter planned trip to Estonia and expected homestay at the end of May.

Ruta Pels

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