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Message from the President

Dear PTP Europe family,

The year 2003 appears to bring but heavy seasonal weather. The true winter weather was followed by only a brief spring time which turned very early into extremely hot and sunny summer time. One has to get used to the continuously blue skies with glaring sun shine and temperatures of 30-35° C, but what a pleasure for the general annual outdoor party season all over Europe!

PTP Europe Conference and Annual Meeting 2003 in Roman-Romania - one fantastic event!!

All participants had an absolutely wonderful and splendid time during the long weekend of May 30 - June 1, 2003. With great pleasure I am passing on the numerous complementary and very positive comments received to our great friends of PTP Roman assisted by PTP Bucharest. Sorina Danciu with her PTP team and Charlotte Lee, Peace Corps Volunteer and super PTP friend, with her YGs as well as Lars Poignant with his team in the PTPI office in Berlin deserve all the credit and a huge THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! The unbelievable hospitality with the very best these people had to offer and their dedication to PTP was most impressive.

The YG (Young Generation) movement has been put in practice magnificently by over 20 young members of PTP Roman. The Dracula evening organized by the YGs was a total success and fully justifies reserving an evening for the YGs at every future conference.

All the evening festivities were quite special. Friday evening began with the handing over of the town's key from Mayor Dan Karpusov to Mary Eisenhower. Following that was a special dance performed by Chiara and Stefania, PTPI’s Milano Chapter, and then singing by several PTP voices as well as the incredible buffet prepared by Nusa and staff. Saturday’s evening at Ancuta's Inn was a typical local feast with great traditional folklore. Sunday with the grill and pool party at Adrian's and Nusa's home was followed right after midnight with the improvised, short celebration of my birthday in the Hotel lobby very early on June 2.

The overseas PTPI visitors Mary Eisenhower, Linda Endecott, Anita Manuel with grand daughter Nicci, Jim Malouff, Julie Goodhart and Len Tharney, all very good friends of our family, did add the right spice and enrichment to our big event. Thank you very much and we are looking forward to have you back!

Let me highlight just two items out of the minutes of our Annual Meeting:

As the successor of Katerina Vernitskaja, Rolf Dahlberg of PTP Sweden was elected PRO and as the successor of Annick Debien, Bogdan Tamba of PTP Roman was elected YCO! We congratulate both devoted PTP members and I welcome them to our great EEC team.

By a big popular and chapter majority vote it was decided that the next PTP Europe Conference and Annual Meeting will be in October 2004 together with the World Wide Conference in Baveno-Italy, at Lake Maggiore close to the Southern Swiss border, and 2005 shall again be in May.

As usual, the good times do pass way to fast but the unforgettable memories and lasting friendships do last for a long, long time. Do keep in touch and come or come again next year!

Sorry, but after the good times there is some serious business as well. May I remind all the Chapter Presidents once more, to please:

  • return the now overdue, completed chapter questionnaire to our European office in Berlin-Germany
  • pay the annual dues of EURO 2.00 per member (EURO 1.00 for PTPI and EURO 1.00 for PTPE) to our account by the End of March 2003 the very latest!

Only with your full compliance of these administrative requirements are you considered as "members in good standing by PTPI and PTPE"! However, this in turn will enable all these members to fully participate in PTP activities and to receive all available benefits possible. Therefore, please do act now and we all do thank you very much for your kind cooperation.

All the very best, keep well and foremost do keep smiling.

Your President Ernst Honegger

European Conference Updates

Over 100 participants took part in the European Conference. There were in total 12 countries represented. From the local Roman chapter over 20 youth members assisted in the preparations and took active part in the conference weekend.

PTPI European Council – Executive Committee

At the European Conference new members of the Executive Committee was elected. We welcome Rolf Dahlberg, PTPI’s Stockholm Chapter as PR Officer and Bogdan Tamba, PTPI’s Roman Chapter as Youth Coordinator. Reelected as treasurer was Reto Limacher, PTPI’s Lucerne Chapter.

Thank You for Serving: Annick Debien and Katerina Vernitskaja

Many thanks to Annick Debien, who resigns after fours years of service as Youth Coordinator on the European Board. Annick, also Chapter President (PTP Angoulême) and Trustee, has organized the European Conference in Angoulême and "The Picture as a Universal Language" (an artistic program for young European cartoonists) – both in 2001.

Thanks also to Katerina Vernitskaja, who served two years as PR Officer. Katerina, from Tallinn Estonia, led the development of the PTPE website and is a long term member and PTPI supporter.

Bogdan Tamba – New Youth Coordinator

Hy, My name is Bogdan Tamba and I am honoured to be the new European Youth Coordinating Officer. I come from the Roman chapter, in Romania. I am 23 years old and I am in my last year of medical school. I am a member of PTP since 1998. I have had scholarships or trainings in the United Kingdom, United States, Spain and Hungary. I speak English, French, Spanish, Italian so that I hope to be able to fully communicate with the chapters all across Europe.

I hope that we, the Young Generation groups, will be able to increase our presence throughout the PTPI's activities in Europe on educational opportunities, humanitarian efforts, community service and international experiences. We shall encourage more student members, get them more involved and support them from designing to bringing to reality their projects.

I count on your help for that!

Thank you,

Bogdan Tamba

Next Annual Conference – October 2004 in Italy

The next PTPI’s European Council meeting will be conjunction with the PTPI World Wide Conference in Baveno Italy.

PTPI Updates

Seeking European Classrooms!

Creating good contacts between young people all over the world is becoming more and more important. The School and Classroom Program is one way to improve international relations and to increase the understanding of cultural, ethnic and religious differences. Within PTPE a concentrated effort has started to attract more interest for the program and to find new classrooms in Europe. In order to achieve this we collect all contact information for possible participants as well as for teacher-newspapers, unions, educational and other authorities who might be able to spread the program.

Our main aim is to find a number of classrooms that can start as the fall semesters begin in several European countries. The first countries will be Germany, Sweden and France and will then proceed to Great Britain, Ireland, Finland, Iceland, and Switzerland and later to other countries as well.

Information material has so far been translated into Swedish, German and Spanish, to make the first contact easier and it will be translated into other relevant languages as the program proceeds.

Are you yourself a teacher and find this program interesting? Do you know a teacher, a school or a youth group that you believe might find the program interesting? Please do circulate this information!

We would be more than happy to receive any tips and ideas of how to attract possible classrooms and we will keep you posted on how the work is proceeding.

If you have any questions, please contact Stacey Chance, Director of School and Classroom Program, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conference Grants – Pavel Smulski

We congratulate Pavel Smulski from PTPI’s Tallinn Chapter in Estonia. Pavel has successfully applied for a grant from the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. He is currently attending an English language course in Ireland.

Staff in the PTPI Office in Berlin

From May 1, PTPI has a new staff member in the Berlin office: Birgit Ammann. Birgit is from Berlin and will work as full time member of staff with chapter- and program development.

Since the beginning of April Emma Ors works as an intern. Emma is from Sweden and assisted with the European Caravan and in April and since mid May she works with the PTPI School and Classroom Program.

We thank Claus Radke, who was the first intern in the European office, for his five months in the office. Claus stopped working in the end of May as he resumed his studies. Claus was very helpful with the European Caravan and the European Conference.

European Caravan - Cancelled

The long awaited European Caravan of Youth Envoys had to be cancelled. In spite of a good program and lots of supportive members and chapters it was not possible for us to find the 40 participants. The planned three week trip through seven European countries with homestay in three PTPI chapters would have taken place in June/July. We would like to thank the organising committee members: Cornelia Siegenthaler, Sorina Danciu, Charlotte Lee and Otto Burri for their assistance.

The PTPI European Council website, has been updated with new program and chapter information as well as contact details for the Executive Committee members. Chapters are encouraged to submit information on chapter events and contact information to the European office.

Annual Chapter Questionnaire

In December last year we sent out the annual chapter questionnaire to the European chapter presidents. So far we have received answers from 19 chapters. The 25 remaining chapter presidents will, in a separate mailing, receive a reminder. A complete report will be produced in the fall.

Internship in Berlin

We are currently offering an internship for up to three months at the PTPI European Office in Berlin. As a member of staff you will learn about international programs, volunteer organisations, international communication and project planning. You will assist in a few programs as well as day to day work in the office. The next intern will start on July 15th and the following position will be made available at the end of September. Applications in English should be sent to the PTPI office in Berlin and should, besides general application documents (letter and CV), include date(s) when you can start, description of previous experience within volunteer and/or international organisations, and references.

PTPI Membership

In the months to come PTPI will collect detailed membership information from the chapters in order to easier send information directly to the individual members. Already now membership benefits have improved as the PTPI website offers "members only" information.

Public Relation contacts

PTPI has created a Publicity Manual which, along with PR Chairs from chapters world wide, helps us making PTPI better known to the general public. So far we have received positive answers from the chapters in Milan, Bern, Interlaken, Gliwice, Brussels and Albania, where PR Chairs have been appointed. We are still looking for contacts from the other chapters so if anyone is interested – please contact Karen Hoch, Director of Communications and Conferences, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. !

PTPI European Office Represented at Avanti Fair in Berlin

On May 9th the European Office represented People to People International at the Avanti Fair in Berlin. Lars Poignant, Birgit Ammann and Emma Ors were running one of about 40 booths and several members of PTPI Berlin Chapter came by to support the presentation. Avanti is an international fair presenting opportunities for jobs, internships and studies abroad. It is organized annually by various Berlin-based European institutions, the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg, the Federal Employment Center and the State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and held at the Berlin City Hall. The fair took place for the fourth time and PTPI presented itself for the first time. There were some 6.000 visitors mainly recent high school graduates and around 40 booths of various national and international organizations. PTPI’s booth was located in a very good position and there were many inquiries concerning the organization in general, membership in the local Berlin chapter as well as specific programs. Lars was one of the very few participants who had a chance to exchange a few informative words with the mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit.

Exciting News for PTPI!

On behalf of People to People International, Chief Executive Officer Mary Jean Eisenhower accepted a special recognition award today from the Congressional Award Foundation in honour of the organization’s dedication, support and partnership of the Congressional Award for more than 17 years.

"Organizations such as People to People International are crucial to ensuring successful humanitarian efforts and broadening student horizons. I am proud that this Kansas City-based group is being recognized and our young Kansas participants have been honoured as recipients of the prestigious Congressional Award Gold Medal," said Congressman Dennis Moore. "PTPI's work in the international arena continues to demonstrate the valuable lessons our young people can learn from practical, real-life experiences."

Calendar of Events

When? What?  Who to contact? 
June - August  PTP Ravenna Italian Culture and Language Program  Anna Maria Brunetto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
June 23 - July 6  PTP Estonia Summer Camp  Ruta Pels: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
July 2  PTP Berlin celebrates its 25th Anniversary  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
July 20 PTP Berlin receives guests from New Zealand This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
July 21 - August 4 PTP Estonia International Youth Summer Festival Tatyana Vydrina: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
August 23 All PTP Swiss meeting – Bern Otto Burri: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
October 10-11 PTPI's Board of Trustees and Chapter Leadership Meeting, Washington, DC. Karen Hoch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
November 7-11 2003 Global Youth Forum This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
December 7-19 Peace Camp: An Evolution of Thought and Action Brooks Herman: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Peace Camp in Egypt

People to People International is excited to announce a new initiative, Peace Camp: An Evolution of Thought and Action. The Peace Camp program is a continued and concerted effort by PTPI to further the work of our organization in the Islamic and Arabic World. The first PTPI Peace Camp will be held in Egypt, December 9-19, 2003. The objective of Peace Camp 2003 is to provide a safe environment in which young people of different nationalities and religions can freely express their views and experiences while learning valuable listening, communication, and conflict management skills that will allow them to develop empathy and understanding for one another regardless of race, creed, religion or nationality.

PTPI Peace Camp is designed for youth delegates between the ages of 14 and 18. The program is free of cost for its participants. The first Peace Camp will be comprised of 25 delegates from the United States, and 25 non-U.S. delegates. For more information please visit and look under What's New – Conferences and press Releases.

2003 Global Youth Forum

Join the PTPI’s Global Youth Forum on November 7-11 2003 in Washington D.C. USA. The GYF provides young leaders between the ages of 11 - 18 with an opportunity to learn new perspectives and skills, interact with world leaders and connect with students from across the globe. Our goal is to equip delegates with the tools and education needed to promote tolerance and mutual understanding in their nations and communities.

The planned activities include small and large group exercises such as a tour of the White House, a night tour of Washington, D.C. monuments, a congressional leadership event on Capitol Hill and a landmine awareness dinner.

The registration deadline is September 10, 2003 with an Early Bird deadline on July 31, 2003. More information can be found on the program website under – What's New, where you will also find the GYF application packet.

Resource Development

As you already know, the PTPI European Office is now fully staffed. Thus there will be more time and potential to support the chapters in fund raising and other development issues. From this issue on the European Newsletter will have a column on that subject. We will provide you with advice and suggestions on how to realize program ideas – old as well as new ones.

We were happy that Linda Endecott, PTPI Vice President of Development from Kansas City presented some very valuable material on fund raising at the European Conference in Roman. We will be using this and other material for European efforts.

Among other things we will seek and suggest sources of funds and grants that meet PTPI’s purposes. In other words we aim at providing you with suggestions as where and how to apply them and what for. We would also like to offer to help you with the basics when writing proposals and if necessary assist you with documenting and depicting your rewarding activities.

In this first contribution we would like to give you some general information and direct your attention to the phase before you get into fund raising.

Before you start seeking funds you should:

  • know exactly what it is you want and how much it will cost (large projects need a detailed business plan)
  • be able to portray your chapter, illustrate former activities and document accomplished projects – all in a professional way
  • make sure your idea complies with People to People International’s mission
  • make sure your chapter members/fund raising committee members have the time, energy and capability (who does what, when and how) to complete a commenced procedure

Link of the day:

The website of the National Association of First Responders in the UK, designed as an information service. Here you can find valuable information on fund raising strategies as well as methods of fund raising and more links. Thank you Linda for this wonderful tip!

Term of the day: fund raising

Seeking and finding sources of funding as part of activities aimed at resource development within an organization or institution. The term means asking financial aid for projects or programs from individuals, companies, private institutions, public authorities or any other.

Birgit Ammann

Chapter Reports


PTP Estonia organizes its annual summer camp in Narva-Joesuu between June 23 and July 6. The organisers are happy to notice that among the participants there are 16 PTPI members from Ukraine, which called for resolving necessary visa issues. For the camp leadership there are among others volunteers from St-Petersburg and Latvia.

In October a youth group of five students and their teacher from Estonia will visit its sister chapter in Zürich for seven days. Accommodation in Zürich will be in a local youth hostel for which the Zürich chapter seeks personal sponsoring. The Zürich Chapter also aims to organizing daily dinners at PTPI members’ homes in order to promote contact between hosts and visitors.

There will be a welcome evening, when the Estonian youth will introduce Estonia as a Baltic country with songs, poems and dances. The Swiss members will on their part prepare a cultural program.

Prior to the trip PTP Estonia Youth Chapter will organise a visit to the Swiss Department of the Estonian National Library to inform themselves on Switzerland. Participants will write emails to host families. The chapter and participants hope the program will develop into long lasting friendship. Next year PTPI’s Tallinn Chapter expects its PTPI Zürich sister chapter members for a homestay in Estonia.

Ruta Pels (President)


The primary aim has lately been to raise funds for our four yearly visits from our friends in Lakewood Colorado. But we have also had many other activities, many connected to our music and vocal exchange students, such as annual USA Spectacular in the Town Hall in March, where we were treated to a very lively musical program. It is one of the main ways of raising funds for the music students. This year, however, the raffle money was donated to the general Lakewood Visit.

At the end of March a huge fundraising event was hosted at Eaton Hall, a bridge drive where people came from all parts of Cheshire to enjoy their favorite game played in wonderful surroundings. We were very well supported by the Duke of Westminster and our thanks go to him and his team. In April a "Romanian evening" was held in the Crosskeys pub in Chester, with Romanian style food and wine and Wyn Bradley showed slides from her numerous trips to Romania. A car boot sale was also held in Tarvin to help boost funds and spread the word of People to People International. At the end of May Peter and Liz Whitby and Stuart and Heather Exell attended the European Conference in Roman. We were welcomed with open arms and the conference was a great success.

Looking to the future we have the Lakewood visit to look forward. Next year we hope be able to participate in some of the international and European activities such as PTPI's Global Landmine Initiative and to support some of the youth programs.

Heather Exell (Chairperson)


Each summer the chapter president, Valeria Magistrelli, organises a one month trip (or longer) to the US for high school and university students. The group generally travels through four to five cities and is hosted by PTP families. It is a perfect way to learn English, once you are with a family you have to learn the language.

The chapter also supports a foundation called "Helping the Children". It was founded by a gentleman, Mr Modena, who decided to sell his factory and use the money to build hospitals, houses, schools, etc. for children in every part of the world. Last year the chapter vice president Chiara Padretti and her theatre group performed a musical titled "And now...Musical!" for two nights in order to raise funds for the organization. The theatre group is also otherwise very active and involved in supporting the foundation.

The European Conference 2004 as well as the Worldwide Conference 2004 will take place in Baveno, on Lake Maggiore, and we will do our best to make it unforgettable. And we hope that everyone will join us!

Chiara Padretti (Vice President)


New Committee, New Program, New Directions at People to People Brussels Chapter:

At its annual meeting at Maison de la Francité, Brussels,on May 15, attended by some twenty members, including many new and old friends PTP Belgium elected a new committee consisting of Daniel Schaubacher - President, Blanche Decoster - Vice President and Treasurer, Marie-Louise Smeets - External Affairs, Nicole Labarre - Secretary, and M.A. Mirza.

In May the chapter lost its oldest member, Irene de Molinhari, who had reached the venerable age of almost 102 years. She had served faithfully in the past as Chapter Treasurer, and had been honored by PTPI with an award. On the 13th of June, 45 happy members and friends participated in the 33rd PTPI Brussels Chapter Anniversary dinner dance at Repos des Chasseurs Restaurant in Brussels Boitsfort.

In addition, guided visits and tours including the Royal Museum of Africa at Tervueren, historic architectural sights in the city of Brussels, châteaux of West Flanders, and the gardens and interiors of Beloeil castle, a trip to Trier and the Mosel valley in Germany, and a classical concert at Hotel Astoria Brussels are the highlights of this spring and summer program.

The Assembly of members voted a resolution of appreciation to Denise Maurice who faithfully served as president for over 30 years, and to Daniel Laroche, Director of Maison de la Francité who graciously hosts the PTP Belgium meetings in his lovely townhouse in downtown Brussels.

The Assembly decided to concentrate its efforts on the cultural exchange programs of PTPI (visit see and to contribute through social events, dinners-at-home and homestays to a mutual dialogue of respect, leading to international understanding and integration among the many linguistic, immigrant, visitor and expatriate groups in the Brussels.

The weekly French conversation tables organized jointly by PTPI Brussels Chapter and Maison de la Francité are regularly announced, together with other PTP activities, in the weekly magazine The Bulletin reaching an audience of 57.000 expatriates and English speaking readers in Belgium.

Daniel Schaubacher (President)


The chapter currently comprises 35 members in 25 families. In addition, Isabel Hänni maintains a long list of active host families from the Berner Oberland region. We have found 31 families to host international guests in beautiful Interlaken this summer, where the new outdoor science Mystery Park has opened. This only adds to the natural wonders of mountain hiking, winter skiing and our clear, clean lakes. Each year visitors, mostly from the States, come to Interlaken. A group from Sheboygan, Wisconsin recently visited, they received a guided tour and dined at the home of chapter president Regina Wälti. We hope in the coming years to encourage and invite visits from Europe as well.

Since we saw each other in Stockholm last year we have participated in a number of gatherings. One YG representative went to the Worldwide Conference in Kansas City, and has decided to stay. On Monday she leaves for a year’s work in Denver, Colorado.

Our own annual meeting was held in late February, where we proposed several ideas for the coming year. They include greater YG involvement and an Intercultural Interlaken project. Two of our YGs are in Arizona, participating in the People to People Parachute Training Program. The YGs are also organizing a hike for us OGs for September. No parachutes required.

Lastly, in preparation for the Romanian conference, we had a Romanian evening. We drank good Romanian wine, discussed our plans for the conference, drank some more good Romanian wine and had a nice supper. We then drank some good Romanian wine and saw slides that Ernst and Regina Wälti made from their first two or three trips to Romania in 1990 and 1991, when they first met Doina and Eddie Cepalis and planted the seeds that have grown into such a beautiful, healthy Roman, Romania chapter.

Ronnie Blakeney (PR Chair)


People to People Berlin Chapter will celebrate its 25th anniversary of exchange programs on July 2nd. The first exchange took place in 1978: 254 Berlin "ambassadors of friendship" stayed with host families in Minnesota, USA. At the same time 254 Americans from Minnesota have stayed with their Berlin hosts. They all found good friends and many are still in contact.

This year the chapter will host guests from New Zealand in July. Visitors and hosts will attend a wine festival in Berlin together. The guests will also travel to Münster, a medieval city in North Rhine Westfalia, the home of one of our chapter members. They will stay with host families for some days and will get an impression of the over 1200 years of living history.

The chapter also hosted two teachers from Vilnius, Lithuania for Xerxa Network an organization that is friends with PTPE. Hans-Dieter Robel, Brigitte and Gerhard Kasigkeit attended the European Conference in Roman and renewed and intensified contacts with everybody.

On June 22 around 25 members met for the chapter’s traditional summer barbecue and had a good time.

Brigitte Kasigkeit (Treasurer)


Activities of some of the other chapters should be mentioned here:

The five chapters in Albania are maintaining more than 1000 pen pal and school and classroom contacts. They keep on working with more than 7000 families and individuals as well as social institutions all over the country. Besides the regular chapter meetings there have been some language and other programs. A delegation attended the European Conference in Roman.

The PTPI's Zürich Chapter in Switzerland hosted a guest from Hong Kong and a group from Harderslev/Denmark and Berlin/Germany, a couple from Las Vegas and Peru respectively (Student Ambassadors) and a family of six from the Netherlands.

The chapter in Roman has of course been extremely busy with organizing the European Conference, supported by the chapters in Bucharest and Constanta.

The PTPI's Poprad Chapter – among other activities - had a meeting with Lars Poignant, Director of European Operations in June.

Names and Addresses

PTPI’s European Council – Executive Committee Members

Officer  Position  Chapter  Address
Ernst Honegger  President  Bern
Kappelenring 44b
3032 Hinterkappelen
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Hans-Dieter Robel  Secretary  Berlin
Tegeler Weg 15
10589 Berlin
Home phone and fax:+49 (9) 30-3443345 
Reto Limacher  Treasurer  Lucerne
6064 Kerns
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rolf Dahlberg PR Officer Stockholm
Skogalundsklippan 12
131 39 Nacka
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bogdan Tamba Youth Coordinator Roman
Bd.Copou, Nr. 28, Bl. E4, Sc. B, Ap. 1
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office Staff and Addresses – European Office

Staff  Function  E-mail 
Lars Poignant  Director of European Operations  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Dr. Birgit Ammann  Program Coordinator  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Emma Ors Intern  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
General Office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.