Newsletter 2011-3


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Message from the Regional Chair

Dear Friends,

It is always a pleasure to be in touch with you!

We have been very busy this period. First of all I had the pleasure to meet so many of you at the European Conference in Katowice; especially so many young and new participants. This was certainly made possible thanks to the low costs of the conference and also the location. This was the first time a student chapter organized the European Conference and if any of us had doubts about their being able to manage the events we must definitively say that they overcame any difficulty brilliantly. Our thanks go to our friend Janusz Wozniak, adult advisor, and his team making up the organizing committee. We were made to feel at home throughout the conference. How can we forget the school, Prywatne Liceum Ogólnokształcące that hosted us and Mrs. Jolanta Kaluza, the principal that opened her school and her heart to all of us?!

During the council meeting, Antoaneta Pophlebarova of PTPI’s Varna, Bulgaria (the Dolphins) Student Chapter was elected as the new Youth Coordinator. We have always known her for her activities with young people and we are sure she is a great addition to our EEC. She replaces Sorina Danciu, who has served very well for her four years.

Valeria Magistrelli

During the Open Space Workshop at the conference, we dealt with possible ideas to develop the conference next year, which will be in conjunction with the Worldwide Conference in Tallinn. I will be in touch with you to implement the ideas to create a conference with a true taste of Europe!

The European Executive Committee (EEC) had a conference call on August 3. Among other things we decided to continue and develop the mentoring system. Antoaneta offered to keep connections with the Chapters of the Balkan region.

Soon we will meet for the Board of Trustees Meeting in Brussels. Unfortunately not as many as expected will attend. The EEC decided to support seven participants with little but meaningful contributions. We preferred contributing to single events for a larger number of people rather than just support one person for the entire conference package.

We are all very thankful to Daniel Schaubacher, president of PTPI’s Brussels, Belgium Chapter and his incredible team, for the preparation, hard work and connections they contributed to the success of the Board of Trustees Meeting. Rolf Dahlberg, Hannelore Büchler and I will certainly be there.

The Youth Forum was held in Berlin August 8-14 and it was very successful. Hopefully it will bring more members and help to establish new chapters.

Our European Program Fund remains active. We have supported a project from Sternberk ‘Summer Cinema project’ and we have a request we are currently examining. We would like to support everybody but it is not always possible.

Rolf, as every year, will be present and will represent the EEC at the All Swiss Meeting August 20. Thanks to all the Swiss friends that keep this tradition going on with success and great fun for everybody! Following their example there will be an all-Ukrainian meeting November 25-27 in Kiev. I am planning to participate.

Your friend, Valeria Magistrelli
Regional Chair for Europe

PTPI Experiences

Interlaken Scholarship - two weeks in Paignton

PTPI’s Interlaken, Switzerland Chapter offers each year a scholarship to youth in order for them to improve their English. For two weeks in April, Andrea Wyss stayed with a family in Paignton.

My stay with a family in Paignton was meant as a preparation for the BEC (Business English Certificate) exam. During the stay I went to the Devon School of English.

During the first days we played a lot of games at school to get to know the other students better and spoke a lot to be prepared for the exam. We studied all the tenses and talked about the parts which will be in the exam, which was very helpful. I feel very confident for the exam.

At lunchtime we always ate sandwiches from the school canteen. They were inexpensive and really delicious. The school organized trips and on the first day we visited Paignton. They told us where shops, the post office and other important places are. They also told us a bit about the history of Paignton. On Sunday we went to Cornwall, the most southern point in England. The weather was beautiful and the view was amazing.


I stayed with a 60-year-old lady. She is a very friendly and lovely person. We talked a lot and she told me about Paignton and the area. She was a very good cook and we always ate healthy. I really enjoyed staying with her.

Paignton is a very lovely city. It has many gift shops and restaurants. After school I often went to the beach with my friends. Once we went to the cinema. On Wednesdays we had the afternoon off. One day we went to the Paignton Zoo and on another we went to Torquay.

It was very interesting to see another culture and other people. England is a beautiful country. I would like to thank the Interlaken Chapter of People to People International for making this trip possible for me.

Andrea Wyss, Interlaken

Knowledge will change your life - Yerevan

From May 15 to July 15, we implemented the training project "Knowledge will change your life". Twenty students ages16 - 30, from Yerevan and abroad participated. The aim of the training was to raise the youth level of self recognition, to assist young people in the formation of responsibility, tolerance, peace culture, cooperation and team building, and to set goals in life.

The training course was held one day per week with sessions of two hours. The participants were interested in the topics and took part in all discussions. Throughout the training, participants provided feed-back to help trainers adjust the course to their specific needs. At the end of this course the participants filled out questionnaires for the knowledge assessment. The results attested that the training helped participants to increase their self consciousness, to form a better sense of tolerance and responsibility, and to learn how to work as a team.

Most of the participants knew about the mission and programs of PTPI and after this training, they expressed their wish to become members of PTPI Yerevan Armenia Chapter. New memberships that will help the strengthening of this chapter!

Susanna Grigoryan and Ani Melkonyan

Dialogue of cultures - Yerevan

PTPI’s Yerevan, Armenia Chapter received support from the European Program Fund for its project "Dialogue of Cultures." This is the report from coordinator Tamara Torosyan.

On June 27, youth representing different nationalities and ethnic groups participated in an intercultural event about the theory and practice of intercultural learning. The organized their actual intercultural dialogue through presentations of national arts, music, film, dance, folklore, traditional and ritual games, mythology and national cuisine. Participants in national costumes introduced the meal, the specifics of its components and the cooking process and served the meal for all to enjoy. The best three participants got prizes.

The aim of program was to facilitate the process of cultural interaction, learning and dialogue in the broader context of globalization, with emphasis on the leadership role of youth in this process.

As one of the central themes of PTPI is the tolerance and mutual understanding, our chapter with this program tried to promote contact between peoples of different nations and to enhance cross-cultural communication within each community, and across communities and nations to achieve the goal of international understanding. The participants have decided to make this an annual program.

Participants in Yerevan "Dialogue of cultures"

Christchurch, New Zealand

Earlier this year, Evi and Hugo Steinmann visited New Zealand for a homestay with PTPI’s Christchurch, New Zealand Chapter. Little did they know that they would experience the aftermath of one of the strongest earthquakes in the region.

My husband and I started our journey in Auckland before visiting Christchurch, where Gibb Lee, president of the chapter, his wife Val, and Lyn, homestay coordinator, were waiting for us. Unfortunately a terrible earthquake shook the city in February, so our travel plans fell apart. We lived in a state of uncertainty for few days, worried about the health condition of our hosts. The phone connection didn't work so we had no information about them. The news from media didn't encourage us to think positive, because they were sending terrible images: more than 200 dead; the inner city was completely destroyed, people escaped en masse, roads and bridges were impassable. After three anxious days we could speak with Val, Lee and Lyn and learned that all were in good health. It was clear that we had to change our plans and our itinerary.

However, for the return journey we had to take our return flight from Christchurch. It was a real struggle! No one decides voluntarily to stay in a city which lies partly in ruins, where the earth could shake again, where missing people are still under the rubble.

With a bad feeling we found accommodations outside the tightly closed-off downtown, accompanied by good safety advice from the bus driver about what to do in the case of another earthquake.

We spent the evening with Lyn in the house of Val and Gibb. They all had much luck! Apart from broken crockery, cracks in the walls, doors that are longer close properly, uneven garage floors and churned turf, they escaped this catastrophe safely.

Brave and courageous people in Christchurch accepted their fate, had visions of a newly built city and helped those affected that lost everything: possessions, job and family members. Val is chairman of the Altrusa Club of Christchurch, a club of volunteers who tried to reduce the suffering. Their efforts are not enough. They need additional support. For this reason I ask our PTPI chapters to gather donations. It would be a gesture of solidarity, your participation in this harsh fate. Please help Val in his activities and in his job to support and encourage this suffering population.

This trip taught us to deal respectfully with nature, showed us how quickly things can change and how people could build up new strength after the strokes of fate.

Tihe mauriora (Maori Greeting)

Coming Events

  • Monthly, first Friday Berlin, Germany: Monthly roundtable, Heidelbeere Restaurant
  • Monthly, second Wednesday Bern, Switzerland:English conversation group, Häberli’s Restaurant Linda Rickli: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • September 4 Brussels, Belgium: visit St. Gilles district
  • September 6 Brussels, Belgium invites us to the Scrap booking workshop
  • September 7 Brussels, Belgium visit the European Parliament
  • September 7-11 PTPI's Board of Trustees Meeting in Brussels
  • September 10 Brussels, Belgium: Gala Dinner Dance
  • September 13 Brussels, Belgium: visit of the Flanders region of Hageland
  • September 20 Brussels, Belgium: visit Delvaux factory and museum of famous Belgian bag manufacturer
  • September 22 Brussels, Belgium: visit Hageland region
  • September 25- Oct. 2 Berlin, Germany: visit Liverpool and Chester, England.
  • October 5 Brussels, Belgium: exhibition "Toutankhamon"
  • October 12 Brussels, Belgium: visit Belgian National Bank
  • October 18 Brussels, Belgium : visit "Indios no Brazil" exhibition
  • October 27 Brussels, Belgium: visit the exhibition "Paul Vankueken"
  • November 6 Brussels, Belgium Chapter: tour through the contemporary art
  • November 8 Brussels, Belgium: cinema evening
  • November Tallinn, Estonia: Awareness campaign "Enhancing Policy Coherence: Mak-ing Development Work Better"
  • November 16 Brussels, Belgium invites us to the exhibition "Le progress venait du ciel"
  • December 4 Brussels, Belgium: Visit the exhibition" Tour and Taxis patrimoine mondial"
  • December 4 Berlin, Germany: Christmas party
  • December 9 Brussels, Belgium: visit to the Museum of the National Bank
  • December 21 Brussels, Belgium: visit the exhibition" Brussels à l'aquarelle"

For updated events, please visit

PTPI Updates

PTPI European Conference – Katowice

PTPI’s Katowice, Poland (Silesian) Student Chapter is the first to have hosted a European Conference. One hundred nineteen participants from thirteen countries participated, with the lowest average age on record. Two humanitarian homes in Katowice were visited: House of Guardian Angels for street children and Cordis Hospice.

New Board

The European Executive Committee has the following members.

Regional Chair: Valeria Magistrelli, Italy
Secretary: Rolf Dahlberg, Sweden
Treasurer. Hannelore Büchler, Germany
PR Officer: Antoinette McIntyre-Andersson, Sweden
Youth Coordinator: Antoaneta Pophlebarova, Bulgaria
Auditor: Olga Sirbu, Moldova

Reports and Meeting minutes

An extensive report including the meeting minutes can be found at: The next European Conference will be held in Tallinn, Estonia in August/September 2012.


During the conference two workshop sessions were held. On Friday, a PTPI World Café was offered in Kawiarnia Artystyczna (Art Café). After the council meeting on Saturday, an Open Space workshop was held with the following themes:

  • International Conferences (Valeria Magistrelli)
  • Youth Programs (Antoaneta Pophlebarova)
  • Public Relations (Verena Denk)
  • Homestay (Anna Marie Bohsen)
  • Cultural Projects (Anna Chuiko)

Chapter reports

Chapter reports were given by: Andrei Corduneanu (Roman), Karina Tatarova (Plovdiv) and Anne Marie Bohsen (Denmark). The traditional Chapter Fair offered examples of chapter programs and regional products.

Special thanks and recognition go to:

  • Seventeen conference participants who sponsored the conference and individuals. PTPI’s Berlin Chapter supported with 300 euro,
  • Twelve homestay families who hosted students members during the conference,
  • PTPI’s Warsaw Chapter members, who within minutes offered support and homestays to four student members from Vaslui, Romania as their transportation connection to Katowice was cancelled,
  • Sorina Danciu, for her four years as Youth Coordinator. Valeria Magistrelli emphasized her support as a member of the EEC and for youth programs in Europe,
  • The Katowice Organizing Committee members: Daria Klima, Wojciech Galas and Janusz Wozniak.


European Youth Forum – Interacting Diversity

For the fifth time the EYF was held in Berlin. Twenty-five participants from five countries (Bulgaria, Georgia, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, and Russia) took part in the week-long program.

The initial part of the program consisted of creating international teams and encouraging intercultural learning. Hans-Dieter Robel, member of the Board of Trustees, assisted during the city walk through Berlin, during which the participants fulfilled tasks encouraging them to interact with people and learn about the history of the city.

The second part of the forum focused on creating a theater play. Based on the experiences from the Berlin excursion, a thirty-minute long play was developed by the participants with the help of theater expert, Martina Brückner. The forum culminated in the presentation of the play in Kreativhaus in Berlin. Members of PTPI’s Berlin, Germany Chapter, the Kreativhaus and other guests attended the performance, which also included dance choreography created by the group from Russia and a self-written song presented by the Georgian delegation.

EYF 2011

On Saturday, a moment of silence was held in tribute to the 50th anniversary of the building of the Berlin Wall. It was a unique opportunity to feel history touching the present. In the evening the group went to one of the longest pieces of the Wall still standing.

Please visit our blog ( to read more about this great event as described by the participants. Here are some sample quotes:

“We now feel that diversity becomes part of our intercultural understanding.”

“We very much enjoyed working on our theater play and liked our roles. Even though we all want to be good performers, what really counts is making the effort and becoming friends.”

“I swear that when the lights turned on and the applause started, I have never seen people more radiant with joy than this group of 25 teenagers. We realized that no goodbye can ever take away what we have experienced here and that our paradise will last forever in our hearts.”

During the forum four chapter charter applications were submitted. This is an excellent starting point for continued friendships.

African Famine

[The Issue]

No rains and rising food prices have left 10 million people facing a devastating crisis in East Africa. Millions of children are hungry, thirsty and desperate. They are in danger of becoming critically malnourished and, without help, many in the worst hit areas could die.

[PTPI’s Response]

People to People International is asking members to join in the effort to fight hunger and poverty by addressing the famine and drought in East Africa. If 50 members each raised $100, then we could provide $5,000 in emergency nourishment to save the lives of children and families. Take action before September 28. For more details, please visit

School and Classroom Program

Until October 31, schools around the world may sign up for our School and Classroom Program. Participation is free and open for participants 4-18 years old.

Payment of Dues: Nov 1

Student and university chapters are asked to pay their dues and submit updated membership lists as well as Team Peace Challenge Reports by November 1. Detailed instructions were sent out from the European Office by e-mail.

Chapter updates

The following chapters have been closed:

Moscow and Troitsk (Russia) and Durres (Albania). There are currently four pending new charter applications.

Business Cards

PTPI chapter officers and members may order business cards online. Each member or chapter pays for their own cards. Visit for detailed information.

Murals on Tour

Each chapter may borrow a set of 15 murals to promote PTPI in their community. Please visit for more information.

Humanitarian Support from Switzerland

As PTPI’s Lucerne, Switzerland Chapter closed a few years ago, the remaining chapter treasury funds were split among the other Swiss chapters. Recently PTPI's Bern and Interlaken, Switzerland Chapters gathered donations for the people hit by the earthquake in Japan and New Zeeland. PTPI’s Interlaken, Switzerland Chapter also supports efforts in Haiti.

New Youth Coordinator - Antoaneta Pophlebarova

Dear PTPI friends,Antoaneta

Hi from the sunny and exciting Black Sea coast and the numerous Dolphins – the members of our PTPI student chapter in Varna. My name is Antoaneta Pophlebarova; I have been the adult advisor of that highly energetic bunch of friends since the chapter was charted 2007. I was highly honored to be elected the Youth Coordinator of the European Executive Committee at the European conference in Katowice this year. This is why I turn to you now.

Coordinator means Helper. We all appreciate the great work that Lars and Verena and their PTPE staff do for the development of our Peo-ple to People European Family. I could help them in communicating with the youth chapters on a more day-to-day, tell-me-how-to-do-that manner. That means that whenever you feel the need to share an idea that you would like to become more international, cooperate with other youth chapters in Europe or around the globe... why not?, you can write to me and ask for feedback. And most important – money! I don’t have the money but I could advise you where to apply to get it. For a start – have you heard about the European Program Fund and the PTPI grants scheme?

My main ambition will be to keep the youth PTPI chapters connected, active and fresh. To do that – I need your help. Please share with me all ideas that you think might work to that aim – social networks communication, database, blogging. And don’t forget that when you share an idea, the next step will be to take the initiative to realize it.

It is a really cool and lively family of friends that we have all created in our People to People world. The breath-catching events of European Conference, European Youth Forum, sister-chapter meetings and numerous others prove it without doubt. And the aim of all of us is to make this world A Better Place. The sooner, the better!


Chapter Reports

Berlin, Germany

Altogether we were 15 members who attended the European Conference. Most of us (including also Ron Hicks from Texas) went by train to Katowice, where we had a good time with all of the other participants from Europe and the United States.

After the conference, Dagmar Schönbeck, Peter Büchler, Hans-Dieter Robel and I had a homestay in Sternberk, Czech Republic. Two young members, Waleska Surga Gasca and Yury Kravchenko, took care of us. Together we went for a city walk through Sternberk, made a day trip to Olomouc, a bigger city close to Sternberk, and had a meeting with the chapter in a nice pizza restaurant. After three wonderful days we went by train to Prague, where Jirina Vejdelkova had booked rooms for the four of us in a good hotel, which belongs to the University of Prague. One of the chapter members, Michael Rainey, met us at the famous “Karls-Brigde” and gave us some good advice for the four days in this beautiful city. One evening we met with Mary and Michael Hermida from PTPI’s Greater Trenton, New Jersey Chapter in the United States, who also attended the conference in Katowice. We went to a nice restaurant and had a traditional Czech diner.

Back in Berlin we had guests from Sternberk. Petra and Robert Svarc enjoyed a homestay with Hans-Dieter. They were also our guests at the annual barbecue party. This year the party was not under a lucky star because it was raining the whole night through. But our hosts Christa and Peter Hattendorff made the party as enjoyable as possible.

On July 9, Ilona Schmidt organized a very special walk through the city, mainly in the middle of Berlin, the oldest part. The topic was “French 300 Years in Berlin.” We learned many historical details about this era and the influence of the French people in Berlin. More than 23 members and friends came to this event.

At the end of July, nine members enjoyed a trip to Wroclaw, Poland organized by Magrit Liepe. Activities included a city tour with a boat on the river Oder, and a bus tour to nice places close to Wroclaw.

In July, a delegation of 20 students and 10 orchestra members from PTPI’s Yamanashi, Japan Chapter visited Berlin. The students held a successful concert in the Berlin City Hall, organized by the Japanese Chapter in collaboration with the German-Japanese Association Berlin and the Gustav Heinemann School.

On July 27, members participated in a Canadian Evening in the PTPI European Office. On her last day in the office intern Ana Tamas presented her country.

On August 3, Ilona Schmidt and Magrit Liepe spent a few days in Céret, Southern France. They were hosted by Martine and Claude Devey, of PTPI's Céret, France Chapter, who had visited Berlin earlier in winter.

In August the European Youth Forum took place in Berlin. On Saturday, August 13, the young participants shared “Interacting Diversity,” a unique theater project for PTPI members and friends. The audience enjoyed watching the young actors playing different roles in a subway in Berlin.

I am very happy we had so many different and wonderful activities during the past three month. This is the result of many reliable helpers. Thanks to all of you!

Hannelore Büchler, President

Brussels, Belgium

On July 20, twelve members visited Gallo-Roman park of Aubechies, a charming Walloon village, where prehistoric and Roman dwellings have been reconstituted into a large amusement park.

Members and friends visited Jane Alexander's Exhibition in Brussels. It illustrated vividly the influence of racism, disparities and brutal force, letting the human nature transcend against a South African past of apartheid.

Daniel Schaubacher, President

Cherkasy, Ukraine (Light the Way) Student Chapter

On March 15, seven chapter members participated in a Bilingual project for the “Dialogue of Cultures” Festival, which is a project about cultural differences of various countries. In March, 14 members had the chance to meet with Lars Poignant of PTPI’s European Office and to attend the seminar he organized.

On May 22, a delegation of five members held a presentation about PTPI for 92 students of the school to help increase chapter membership.

Olga Kharkovska, member

Interlaken, Switzerland

In June, for four days, the chapter hosted 38 American students in Bödeli ages 13-18, accompanied by four teachers. Our homestay coordinator Cindy Mühlemann succeeded in finding the right accommodation in different families for all the students. Erich Balmer, a strong supporter of the homestay program and friend of the chapter, together with the chapter president Thomas Ammann, welcomed all the students, offering them a glass of their special water and sharing information about the region. The cultural exchange turned out to be a success. The group experienced an excursion in the Alps, a visit to a local school, and gained information about the development of water resources.

Ernest Wälti, PR Officer

In the last issue of the newsletter, the contribution from Interlaken was submitted by Ernest Wälti. This was not indicated properly.

Katowice, Poland (Silesian) Student Chapter

In the last year we have mainly concentrated on the organization of the PTPI European Conference, which took place here in June. An organizing committee was established to ensure that the conference was a success. Its members were Janusz Wozniak, the Adult Advisor; Daria Klima president; Wojciech Galas, PR Representative; Monika Ozdowy; and Ewelina Korgol. Finally, we hosted a group of approximately 100 people with Mary Jean Eisenhower at the forefront. The participants were delighted with the quality of the conference and the joy of being together. We believe that through our initiative, we have contributed to the development of the philosophy of our organization, Peace through Understanding.

We are a big chapter with many ideas about upcoming events and we believe you will be pleasantly surprised.

Wojciech Galas, President

Kharkiv, Ukraine (Children to Children) Student Chapter

Chapter members try to apply the PTPI slogan: The next person you meet can be the next member of your chapter. The trip to Krasnodon in November offers an example of this behavior. Members met with pupils of the school and expressed to them the ideas of friendship and tolerance, which are so necessary in the modern world.

Since November of last year, the chapter had a project called "Little Prince". Members visited the Korolenko boarding school for blind children in Kharkiv on a regular basis and organized training about different topics, as well as concerts for them. Usually 15-20 members took part in this event, trying to bring a smile on the faces of the children.

Sometimes during the school year, members provide lessons to the younger classes about peace and the necessity of mutual understanding between people. It is essential to have the chance to learn such important ideas beginning at a young age.

Andrey Evseyev, Member

Plovdiv, Bulgaria (Smiles) Student Chapter

On April 26, the chapter’s ecology committee gathered to talk about global ecological problems, Bulgaria’s natural resources and healthy food. In order to have a proper discussion, members were divided into three groups, each consisting of two members and having a different task: Group 1 chose the Greenhouse effect, Group 2 chose reserves in Bulgaria and Group 3 chose healthy foods. After the discussion, participants shared ideas for solving the problems connected to them.

In May, our project “I helped Japan” took place. It aimed at helping the victims of the earthquake in Japan. Student members created bracelets with unique designs and sold them throughout the area. More than €700 was collected due to the excellent support for this important project.

“I really enjoyed the whole project, as well as the preparation for it. We all gave the best of ourselves in order for the action to be successful. I believe that every chapter member who took part in it, shares the same opinion. I am also impressed of some peoples’ will to help others without having any benefits from this!” says chapter member Stefani Tasheva.

Pamela Kuzova and Karina Tatarova were invited as the special guests for a local radio program. In addition to discussing the project, Pamela and Karina explained everything about PTPI and chapter activities. - The feedback from the show was so positive that Karina –returned as a guest to share impression of the EU Conference, as well as the chapter’s future goals.

On May 24, the Day of the Slavonic language and culture, chapter members and our partnership organization, Big Brother Big Sister, organized a special celebration for children from the orphanage. There were several competitions as members helped the children play sports and also stage various fairytales and embody the characters. The children were really and truly happy because members were there, playing with them, being their friends and partners. The celebration ended with an art project that involved using water-colors and a canvas to put together the handprints of the members and children. It was touching to see the big canvas full of the prints of fingers of diverse age, size and color. The canvas is displayed at the orphanage as a reminder to the children that they are not alone.

For Children's Day on June 1 the children from the orphanage took part in a concert and had the chance to show their talents and creativity. They performed various songs and impressed members with their remarkable talents. In June, six of our members attended the European Conference in Katowice. “We were all thrilled to attend the Conference and meet everyone – there were so many fascinating people from all over the world who are dedicated to the goals and the mission of PTPI, and who do their best to change our world for the better. We cannot describe how influential and motivational this experience was for us. We could see the actual results of the combined efforts and ideas, and we felt the spirit of People to People. We loved every single activity – the World Café, the work with the hospice and the children, the Conference itself and the terrific dinners in the evening. We made a lot of new friends and we cannot wait to see them again, said Teodor. “We had the time of our lives in Poland. I can’t wait to go back there, I feel like my heart is still there, at the EU Conference”. We all feel that way. We are really grateful for the grants that we were given and for the wonderful hosts that we had – thank you very much for the efforts and for the help. We are looking forward to meeting everyone again!!!” says Karina Tatarova, one of the participants.

In July, all chapter officers conducted research in their fields and prepared surprises and new projects for the new school year. During the final meeting on August 18 members discussed various ideas to determine the best possible way to precede However, one thing is for sure. We will continue to do our best to make people active and face the on-going problems in our community and in the world.

Eliana Vanekova, Stefani Tasheva and Karina Tatarova

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (Cre-ACT-ive) Student Chapter

In March, members gave a presentation to classmates about PTPI. In addition the chapter was publicized on several social networks (Facebook, Twitter). As a result several students joined the chapter. For the Skopje Marathon in May, numerous members of our members joined the volunteer team.

Elena Micajkova, President

Tallinn, Estonia

August 7-13, our chapter organized a training course in Nelijärve about "Gender and Media." Twenty-two participants from 14 countries explored gender equality and stereotypes in media. The chapter also organized training for young teachers. The "E-yoUth Day" project provided study tools and manuals for future classroom training. Six delegates, ages of 14-18, participated in the "Youth in Action" program in Spain; five delegates between the ages of 18-25 participated in the "Ecology of Thought" program in Bulgaria; and youth coordinator Pavel Smulski trained participants on "Developing youth participation and democratic citizenship through "ICT" in Italy and "Traveling Social Cuisine" in Lithuania. The latter program served to empower young people in reducing racism and xenophobia.

Ruta Pels, President

Tashkent, Uzbekistan

On May 25, chapter members visited elderly residents in their homes. The life expectancy in Uzbekistan is 70 years, yet there are some individuals who have significantly outlived this age mark. Members provided them with food and spent time together, gaining insight and the reminder that life is a gift to treasure each day.

On June 1, chapter members visited an orphanage with warm words and small gifts that included items of stationery.

Tatyana Yun, President

Varna Bulgaria (Dolphins)


On June 1, chapter member Alexi Ivanov and the chapter received the Chocolate Award "Hero from the fairytales" for contributions to the children of Bulgaria. On June 25, the chapter organized a night of international cuisine, during which each member presented a dish representative of his or her country. Enjoying different cuisines together gave members the opportunity to get to know one another even better, to discuss future projects and, of course, to share recipes.

On July 1, our chapter had the great opportunity to be part of national non-governmental organizations presentation show. It was a pleasure for us to meet and exchange experience with young volunteers from different parts of Bulgaria. This event also gave us a stage to show our fellow-citizens who we are and what we do. We showed them photos from previous campaigns and gave some brochures with brief explanation of our activities.

Tanya Ivanova, President

Zürich, Switzerland

At the end of June, chapter members hosted a group of 40 American youth from Missouri, South Carolina and Texas. They were touring Europe with the Student Ambassador Program and enjoyed the opportunities to taste Swiss chocolate, swim in the lake and, of course, getting to know their host families.

Adrian Obrecht, President

Newsletter for PTPI Europe

The European Newsletter is published within PTPI Europe and sent to all chapters and members. Any written contribution is highly appreciated. The newsletter is distributed to all national PTPI chapters. It may be redistributed within the chapters to members and non-members.

The newsletter also is published on the PTPE website ( If you feel it is enough to read the newsletter from the Web site, then we can send a link with the Web address of the recent newsletter to you. In this way, you will receive the newsletter faster, and PTPI would save money and enhance our efforts to Go Green! Please send us an e-mail and we will update your subscription details.

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