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Message of the Regional Chair

Dear Friends,Valeria Magistrelli, Regional Chair

In the beginning of July, I spent two days in the European Office in Berlin. Together with Lars Poignant and Verena Denk , we went through a lot of issues and items ranging from accountancy to applications for funding to planning future programs and meetings. Hannelore Büchler, our treasurer, also was present so we could examine the financial situation, which is quite satisfactory. Lars completed the financial report related to the conference in Pécs, and we are happy to say there was a surplus that can be used for next year's conference in Katowice. Thanks again to the president and organizing committee.

July 29, the members of the European Executive Committee (EEC) had a conference call, which went on for more than two hours and was very fruitful. We have a lot of new ideas and changes that we would like to see realized in the near future. First of all, we will start a mentoring system and each of the EEC members will be in direct contact with some European chapters because we want each chapter to know that we are here to help, inform and support.

Sorina Danciu, our youth coordinator, was in Berlin for the European Youth Forum ("Close Encounters of the Street Kind") in August. Twenty-five participants from five countries participated in the week-long program organized by Verena and Lars. It was really exciting and another success.

Rolf Dahlberg represented the EEC at the All Swiss Meeting in Interlaken in August. He and I will be in Scottsdale for the Worldwide Conference and Board of Trustees Meeting. Unfortunately there also is some bad news: three student chapters, which are in Pécs, Narva and Vladimir, have been closed.

Nevertheless, I am very happy to work with this team and excited by the flourishing of ideas that come out of our conversations. Our next meeting will be in Berlin during the Leadership Seminar.

My most deeply heartfelt thanks to all EEC members!

Your friend,

Valeria Magistrelli, Regional Chair for Europe

PTPI Experiences

Oleksandra Romanovska AIPES participant

Summer University in Prague - PTPI Scholarship Report

My name is Oleksandra and I am from Ukraine. This year I finished my master's degree in economics and I am going to start a doctorate degree in social philosophy this fall. I would like to share one amazing experience that I had this summer. Even though I did my best to be able to enjoy it, PTPI helped me a lot with that.

The summer school American Institute on Political and Economic Systems (AIPES) 2010 became an unforgettable lesson. I not only met more than 120 people from 32 different countries, I also saw how much we all have in common. We ate the same meal; we enjoyed the beautiful city of Prague and we shared the fact that we did not have hot water in our dorm for a week, which was an absolutely unexpected, physical challenge. We studied economics and politics very hard (or tried hard to do it); we presented our countries in absolutely different ways (we sang, danced, prepared national meals and drinks) and had many other nice moments.

AIPES was not my first time at summer school, and I really hope it is not the last one, but it was unique for its Georgetown (Washington, D.C.) courses and its famous professors coming to teach us.

I am grateful to PTPI for providing me with such an honorable scholarship, and I will continue to move, study, and travel and see because this world needs all us to live that way.

Oleksandra Romanovska, Ukraine

AIPES is an academic program designed to explore the political, economic and cultural issues of the world as it grows under democratic principles. AIPES embodies diversity and culture as its cornerstone to educating future leaders ( For nearly 10 years, PTPI has supported AIPES participants with scholarships. For more information, please visit

European Youth Forum - Our PTPI Experience!

For the first time at the European Youth Forum there was a Greek group. Despina Dimitrakopoulou, George Schinas, Efi Goula, John Goulas and John Domouhtsis come from Thessaloniki and wish to share their experience with everyone.

For more reports and photos from the forum, please visit

When we first started the trip to Berlin from our hometown, we couldn't imagine that the week we were going to experience through PTPI would be the one we would never, ever forget. We never thought that during this week we would make lifelong friendships, learn so much about the countries surrounding us and their cultures, and that we would have such an excellent time while taking part in a street theater play.

Through a remarkably formed program, we explored the busy roads of beautiful Berlin, and we discovered many of its hidden miracles. For the Berlin Quest, we had to get pictures with strangers, make passersby laugh out loud and take creative photographs in Berlin's hot spots. But this was just the beginning of our street theater adventure. With the Berlin Quest highlights for ammunition, each team had to create and present a play that would depict a funny or shocking scene of the quest! The result was amazing, and each performance contributed to the formation of our final play, the one that we presented in the street in front of an audi-ence and that instantly drew everyone's attention!

The street theater performance was an excel-lent and unforgettable experience. But it was not the only element that made the whole PTPI experience so special. The goal of the forum was to achieve peace through cultural understanding among young people from different countries of the Balkan Peninsula. With the street theater performance as an incentive, we were able not only to get to know people from other countries, but also to explore the different aspects of each culture and to discover the similarities among us. The language classes and the games involving cultural characteristics enhanced our knowledge and motivated us to learn more and to give more.

One of our favorite parts of the forum was the Market of Possibilities, where each group had to present its country in different interactive ways, involving a traditional dance or a song, or bringing leaflets and traditional food from the home country. Everybody loved that evening, yet there was more to the forum that made it even greater. The presentations made by the organizing team concerning prejudice, discrimination and stereotypes made it easier for us to fully understand the reason we were all brought together and what we had to achieve during the time we spent there.

All of these, and of course the spectacular theater experience, made us realize that the only way to peace and understanding is to bring people together and bind them with the common cause of changing the world by accepting differences and embracing similarities, by discussing problems and reaching a consensus, by gaining a different view of the world while exchanging ideas, and most of all, by offering a brilliant PTPI experience that includes everything.

Thank you, PTPI, for giving us a taste of such an experience and for offering us the chance to change!EYF Participants

Special Report to PTPE: 68s Still Strive for Peace - This Time in Pécs

In 1968 I was finishing my bachelor's degree in Berkeley. We students were on strike nearly every day. We demanded democracy, we demanded an end to racism and sexism, we demanded to have our voices heard, and we demanded peace. I knew I was part of a worldwide movement whose goals are em-bodied in the PTPI vision.

Now, no longer a long haired, strident young student, but rather, a graying granny who still tries to tell it like

it is, I often wonder about the life lessons of other women in other places who came of age in the peace and freedom movements of 1968, and who are now grandmothers facing retirement. I shouldn't have been surprised to realize that in PTPI we all are. I am overjoyed to see a new generation of young people from throughout Europe becoming active in their communities and in the organization. And I was personally more gratified by quiet conversations with women my age who grew up in different parts of Europe (sometimes sev-eral), who married and raised families and made careers, and who are still involved and committed to carry on a message of good works through interpersonal cross-cultural communication. I haven't asked any for their permission to use their names or to tell their stories, so I won't, but I would just like to say "Thank you, my sisters, for helping me to understand that we are still breaking new ground."

Ronnie BlakeneyWe are the first generation of women in (western) Europe to retire on our pensions. We are the first generation of (middle class, educated) women who could choose career and family. None of us did it perfectly. Some were more involved in causes and good works, social justice and peace education; some were more involved in preserving earth, family and people less privileged. Some of us struggled for women's rights or human rights. And at PTPI, in Pécs, we could learn from one another that we are all normal women, wives, mothers, grandmothers and professionals, and that we still believe that world peace and the end of intractable con-flict demand the space for each of us to share our story. Thank you, again, PTPI, for "building the field."


Ronnie Blakeney, PTPI's Interlaken, Switzerland Chapter

Long-time PTPI Friends Meet Again

Typical People to People! We meet one an-other any time and any place. Approximately 20 years ago, at a PTPI conference in the United States, we met Marsha Wallace, an active, engaged and engaging PTPI member from Los Angeles with a heartwarming and unforgettable laugh and exceptional generos-ity. We were reminded of 1996, when a Russian group was visiting our chapter. We then discovered the remarkable singing talent of our guest Ekaterina Gaidanskaia. We decided to help her with the realization of a music education.

Marsha contributed countless times over the years, along with other generous donations from our own chapter members, to foster the music education of this talented young woman. Five years later, Katia was able to graduate from an opera program at the Opera House in Genova, Italy. She also was invited to do a post graduate year at La Scala in Milan, further testimony to her gift, her hard work and the support of generous friends like Marsha. Katia is now married to Massimo Pastorelli and appears in major opera houses throughout Europe.

Marsha was once again in Switzerland this spring to visit Rita Fischer before going on to the PTPI European Conference in Pécs, Hungary. We agreed to get together with Rita and Marsha in the Restaurant Kaiser Franz in Zug. Marsha and Rita met while Rita was studying in the United States and from time to time, they are able to get together. Rita is married and the mother of three children, and also busily engaged in professional activities. We had already met Rita Fischer several years ago, when she came to visit Marsha, who was then enjoying a homestay with us in Interlaken. Rita promptly and spontaneously joined our chapter in Interlaken.

This time, as usual, we weren't short of discussion topics: the goings on in PTPI these days and exchange of memories, forthcoming causes and activities of the organization worldwide and naturally also stories of the new chapters in our family. If destiny doesn't get in the way, we will meet each other again sometime, somewhere. Cultivating PTPI acquaintances into real, lasting friendships is worth the effort. Stay in touch by e-mail, snail mail or, even better, meeting face-to-face in a beautiful place.

Regina and Ernest Wälti, PTPI's Interlaken, Switzerland Chapter

Coming Events

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Date Program Contact
July 1 Lunchtime Concert - St. Mary's, Nantwich (Chester) Heather Exell
July 3  Lunchtime Concert - Wesley Center (Chester)  Heather Exell
July 6 Evening Recital - the long room, Eaton Hall (Chester) Heather Exell
August 1 Summer Camp (Yerevan) Silva Vardanyan
August 9-15 European Youth Forum (Berlin) PTPI European Office
August 21 All Swiss Chapter Meeting Thomas Ammann
August 28 Summer Party (Bern) Ernst Honegger
August - September Trip to Anderton, boat trip and lunch (Chester) Heather Exell
September Rafting on river Morava (Sternberk) Petr Blažek
September 15 Hiking at Tervuren Castle, ponds, woods (Brussels) Christine Pairon
September 18-19 Trip to Bremerhaven (Berlin) Christa Hattendorf
Sept 30 – Oct 3 Worldwide Conference
October 1 Student Chapter Reports for Team Peace Challenge
October 6 3-D expo singer Jacques Brel and hike through Brussels Christine Pairon
October 20-24 European Leadership Seminar (Berlin) European Office
October 24 - November 6 South Africa and Victoria Falls PTPI
October 25-31 Youth Exchange in Lithuania (Sternberk) Helca Metelková
October 26 Visit to ARD TV Studios (Berlin) Dagmar Schönbeck
November  Picture exhibition of EVS ex-volunteers in Šternberk Eliska Vranova
November 1 Membership fees due for student and university chapters
November 10-14 Global Youth Forum (Atlanta) PTPI
November 17 Fashion and design exhibition "Second Hand Comes to Life" (Brussels) Christine Pairon
November 24 Visit Parliament "Palais de la Nation" (Brussels) Christine Pairon
December St. Nicolas Train (Sternberk) Eliska Vranova
December 11 Gala Dinner Dance (Brussels) Christine Pairon
June 9-12 European Conference (Katowice) PTPI European Office
September 7-11 Board of Trustees Meeting (Brussels) PTPI World Headquarters

PTPI Updates

Selected Chapter Updates

Update  Chapter Country Name/Address
New president  Tallinn Student Chapter Estonia Edgar Puusepp
New president Varna Student Chapter Bulgaria Vassilen Tonchev
New president  Sofia Student Chapter Bulgaria Tomas Dimitrov
New president Oroslavje Student Chapter Croatia Iva Tuda
New chapter website Sternberk Czech Republic
New chapter website Plovdiv Student Chapter Bulgaria
New chapter website Interlaken Switzerland
New chapter website Katowice Student Chapter Poland
Closed chapter Pécs Student Chapter Hungary
Closed chapter Narva Student Chapter Estonia
Closed chapter Vladimir Student Chapter Russia

Joyce C. Hall College Scholarship

Two European student chapter members have been awarded the 2010-2011 Joyce C. Hall College Scholarship: Sandra Bartol of PTPI's Oroslavje, Croatia Student Chapter and Aleksandra Kubica of PTPI's Katowice, Poland Student Chapter.

PTPI is now accepting applications for the 2011-2012 Joyce C. Hall College Scholar-ship. Five students will be selected to receive $2,000 USD. The funds will be sent directly to recipients' university or college to be applied to their account. Applicants must be current members of People to People Interna-tional and fulltime students. International students are encouraged to apply. Completed application must be received by PTPI World Headquarters on or before October 15. To download an application, please visit or and click on Student Programs/Financial Aid.

School and Classroom Program

SCP Logo

PTPI's School and Classroom Program con-tinues to link classrooms from different countries with each other.

Registration is open until November 1.

Members are encouraged to promote the program in their cities and countries. You can either contact schools directly or send suggestions of which schools to contact to PTPI. Detailed information can be found here.

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Chapter Reports

Berlin, Germany

June 12, we had a trip to Stralsund, which was nice because everything was well organized by Dagmar Schönbeck . 14 members and five guests enjoyed their stay in a unique little village at the Baltic Sea.

July 6, the chapter was happy to welcome Valeria Magistrelli  in our city for three days. Most of the time she spent in the European Office talking with Verena, Lars and me about programs, plans and financial business of PTPI Europe. July 7, we went to see an exhibition with paintings, drawings and pho-tos by the artist Frida Kahlo. We all liked this comprehensive exhibition of her work.

August 7-9, a group of five members visited the PTPI chapter in Warsaw, Poland. After three days, they continued the trip by train to Krakow before returning home. In August, Leila and Andrew Martin of PTPI's Chester, England Chapter were on a trip on the river Elbe and came to Berlin for four days. They enjoyed homestay with Hannelore and Peter Büchler. A visit to the Reichstag with a guided tour was organized, and it certainly was a highlight of the trip.

Hannelore Büchler, President

Bern, Switzerland

August 28, the chapter held its annual Summer Party to thank local host families for their hospitality in offering homestays for Student Ambassadors this summer. Approximately 30 people took the opportunity to attend the grill party at the Kipferhaus in Hinterkappelen near Bern. We didn't plan a fixed program, as we felt that a relaxed atmosphere around small tables is far more conducive to a lively conversation. And lively it certainly was. Comments at the end of the evening ranged from "super" to "wow, what a great evening" and "such interesting people!" A sumptuous mixed grill and a salad buffet and of course a luscious dessert buffet all helped to make this a memorable evening. Several people expressed their interest in coming to our monthly English conversation group. So we hope to see them this autumn, September 8 and October 13, when we will meet again in München-Buchsee after our summer break.

Linda Rickli, Reporter

Buzau, Romania Student Chapter

June 4, the National Symposium with the title “The problems of the 21st century: drug abuse, human trafficking and violence in schools” was held in the Sapoca school. The day was the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. Several partners were involved in the organization of the event, including The European Agency for People’s Rights in Bucharest, the UNESCO Centre of Suceava, as well as several other schools and colleges and representatives from the police department in Buzau. The aim of the event was to involve students, families, teachers and the local administration in finding solutions to the issues addressed (drug abuse, human trafficking and violence in schools). The symposium also provided an exchange of good practices among partner schools. Through their joint efforts, schools and society can contribute to reduce the effects of drug consumption, violence and human trafficking among children and teenagers. The symposium involved participants in a variety of workshops, presentations, interactive games and discussions. During some workshops, posters and artwork were created, which was exhibited in the school afterward. One example is a drawing wall that presents messages to prevent violence, such as "Stop violence! Your life is important!" "Stop impulsivity! Cherish life!"

Ilie Ramona, President

Chisinau, Moldova

Chisinau members playing bowlingJune 11, our chapter members gathered together and greatly enjoyed playing some sport games. Some formed a bowling team, while the others played billiards/pool. While playing, we shared our plans for holidays with one another, had some cooling drinks and didn't even notice when the three hours of joy ended.

In the end, we had three winners, although this wasn't their aim: Ludmila Mihaescu, winner of the first round at bowling; Ludmila Stratan , winner of the final round; and Dan Popescu and Olga Sirbu, who were victorious at the billiard game. Although not all could win, we spent a great time together and had a lot of fun.

August 20, we received a visit from our friends from PTPI's Roman, Romania Chapter for the whole weekend. Together, we visited the historical complex of Orheiul Vechi and enjoyed a barbeque on the banks of a pond. The next day, we went to Purcari Winery, which is situated at the border with Ukraine, where we had an excursion through the industrial zone and the wine cellars where the wine is made and kept for maturation. Then we tasted five types of mature wines, which were very delicious, each having a different taste and smell.

To sum up, this was an intense weekend full of laughter and good times.

Ludmila Stratan  and Ursu Vasile, Members

Katowice, Poland Student Chapter

May 14, the workshop "Getting to know our European Friends" was organized by 10 chapter members with the help of some of our teachers. With this initiative, the PR committee of our chapter wanted to broaden students' knowledge and understanding of other nations and cultures. The workshop presented information, engaged participants in interactive warm-up and teambuilding activities and offered the chance to taste traditional food from Estonia, Latvia and Hungary. We had a great time, and what is also important, we were able to get to know much more about other countries!

May 26, 15 chapter members sold homemade salads in school as a fundraising event in support of flood victims in Poland. During the spring, Poland suffered terrible floods. Many people lost their houses and everything they had. The biggest Polish river, the Vistula, reached its maximum level at eight meters higher than normal in Warsaw and many other cities and towns. The fundraising activity was our chapter's response to that disaster.

June 9, three members helped to improve and update our school notice board, where we announce the actions of our chapter. The board was moved to the corridor, so everybody can see it. Pictures with descriptions of events, PTPI flyers both in English and Polish and PTPI's mission statement now form our brandnew chapter's "exhibition." Thanks to it, more people, not only chapter members, will be informed about our chapter's recent actions and aims. It is a fantastic advertisement for students who come to the school during Open Door every day.

We also invite you to visit our chapter website to find out more about us and our activities:

Ewa Dudzic, former President

Kharkiv, Ukraine Student Chapter

In March, the chapter organized an unusual charity event for a unique cause. From a local TV channel, the members heard how Simba, a lion of the Severodonetsk Zoo needed surgery after it got frostbites on its legs. Our chapter president, Julia Berzhnaya, and the school principal gave the money from the charity event to the zoo director.

Ludmila Bodiak, Adult Advisor

Khmelnitsky, Ukraine Student Chapter

In May, our chapter held a meeting, during which our president presented an evaluation of the year and held elections.

The following six new members joined the chapter at this occasion: Olena Kondratyuk, Anastasia Stol-yarchuk, Olena Podruchna, Angelina Palyuhovska, Kety Pyrozshok and Shengilevych Alyona.

In May, our vice president, Zhenya Badia, took part in a contest for the best composition in English on the topic: "Describe and illustrate the four different waves of Ukrainian emigration to Canada and the USA and if possible include examples from the history of your city/town or oblast or your family history." She was one of six winners and received book prizes.

In May and June, our gymnasium organized a number of activities for the Decade of In-forming about the European Union. Projects included:Chapter meeting

  • A meeting with representatives of Teraz Wroclaw, who informed us about studying in Poland on May 12
  • A roundtable with young volunteers from Germany and Poland, which presented the project Europe in the Case" on May 14
  • The project "European prospect on the prospect of peace," which consisted of a number of games and fairs that invited children to show their knowledge about Europe on May 25
  • The camp Europlener, which presented the work of Euroclubs and invited attendees to take part in the outdoor game Euroquest along with representatives from France, Italy and Germany, May 31 - June 1

June 10, we organized a festival of European culture, where children presented the cultures of Great Britain, Poland and Bulgaria. It was great.

All the activities of our student chapter for the school year 2009-2010 were included in a booklet entitled "European horizon."

Katia Sidorenko, President

Kurchatov, Russia Student Chapter

May 15-17, our school community welcomed a delegation of educators and students from Mount Union College in Ohio USA. Twenty chapter members, along with two U.S. students named Arissa and Damon, took an ac-tive part in a lively discussion on the topic "cultural diversity and international encoun-ters as a means to enhance cross-cultural awareness." The chapter members also prepared a song for a concert. Chapter members Andrey and Anna presented the visitors with Russian flags and badges.

June 23, we organized a roundtable discus-sion with the title "Pen pal exchange as a bridge to better understanding - opportunities of PTPI's School and Classroom Program." The discussion was concluded with a tea party. Fifteen chapter members and our adult advisor, Elena, discussed how important and interesting it is to have friends from the United States and other countries. Students shared their best memories and experiences. This activity attracted two new members, who participated in School and Classroom Program during the past school year: Elena Denchik and Anna Maslennikova.

Through the School and Classroom Program, we have formed a long-term partnership with Douglas High School in Arizona USA. We sent a package with small gifts and sweets to our friends during the winter and were happy to receive postcards and sweets in return. We want to send our thanks to Arizona and Susan Molina, our partner in peace, for a great year.

Natalia Durneva, President

Oroslavje, Croatia Student Chapter

In spring, our chapter organized a bake sale to raise money for UNICEF. We collected about $70 USD. Fifteen members of our chapter baked and sold cakes. It didn't take long to sell the cakes because the citizens of Oroslavje were ready and happy to help us.

May 10, all chapter members together with 10 other students and three teachers organized and carried out projects for European Day. The guests of this event included stu-dents and teachers from other local schools. Special guests were Vinko Zidari?, a former president of Interkultura, a non-governmental organization from Zagreb, and the mayor of Oroslavje. The guests and high school students were introduced to the activities of the chapter, the Comenius group and the Eco group carried out throughout the year.

For the entire year, the former president of our chapter, Sandra Bartol, ran her own radio show every Friday with the help of six other students. Discussion topics included juvenile problems, world affairs and others that young people are interested in. The radio show ended in June because the producers were all seniors and graduated.

Iva Tuda, President

Plovdiv, Bulgaria Student Chapter

During the previous five months, we managed to cover most of the goals that we had set. We were able to strengthen the chapter and to make our team stronger and more efficient thanks to the many teambuilding meetings and games that we organized. We were very glad because, before the end of the school year and even during the summer, we could see that more students were paying attention to what we do and expressing their willingness to work with us during the school year that is now knocking on our doors.

Plovdiv members attending a meeting in TurkeyIn May, two of our members, Karina Tatarova and Sevda Beleva, took part in PTPI's European Conference in Pécs, Hungary. I can only say that it was incredibly inspirational and influential for us to have the chance to see for real the so-called "moving power" of PTPI, to be able to make contacts and friends from all over the world, to get new ideas and motivation, to get a better un-derstanding of the concept of Peace through Understanding and just to have that unique experience in Pécs.

As for public relations, we created a group in Facebook (PTPI Smiles) and our own website. You are invited to visit At the end of the school year, we gathered to review the past year and to set new goals for the year to come.

Five of our members visited "The Dolphins" of PTPI's Varna, Bulgaria Student Chapter for three days to celebrate the end of the school year. I can only say that they are great. We had a lovely time in Varna and became very good friends. We are definitely going to continue our common projects and initiatives.

During the summer, we could not have regular meetings and dealing with local issues was impossible, so we concentrated on international relationships with the help of the PTPI community chapter in Plovdiv and especially with the chapter's president, Zina Lubenova. We attended two international projects in Turkey. The first one in July was a nine-day training course called "The role of active participation and entrepreneurship in youth employment." The Turkish team had organized everything extremely well. Participants came from nine different countries, so we met a lot of new people from different organizations. We presented our chapter and the youth situation in Bulgaria.

The second project was organized by the same team in Ankara in order to give young people, who are interested in photography and want to express their feelings by art, the opportunity to exchange experiences. It was a chance to establish face-to-face contacts and to discover new opportunities to form long-lasting relationships between different countries. The activities developed our skills and motivation and showed us that we can make new creative things even in a short period of time. During the project, we worked with young people who cannot hear.

Thanks to this, we realized that photography is a universal language, which helps us to communicate with everyone.

In August, we also prepared some of the updates for our website and developed an entirely new system and program for the future development of the chapter.

Katarina Tatarova, President

Poznan, Poland Student ChapterPoznan members visiting a local kindergarten

June 1, chapter members together with classmates of the members performed a modern interpretation of fairy tales entitled "Once Upon a Time." Approximately 400 students participated and enjoyed the show.

June 2, 10 members of the chapter visited a local kindergarten, where they organized a fun day for the children (different competitions, games, awards, etc). June 24, a European Day celebration was organized by 15 members to get to know the culture, traditions and people of several European countries.

Agnieszka Nawrot, Adult Advisor

Sofia, Bulgaria Student Chapter

In the last months of the school year, our chapter organized a fundraising event to help a boy who has esophagus cancer. The members created pieces of art at a creative workshop held in the school hall and sold homemade cakes and pastries. Yana Krispin, the daughter of adult adviser Fannie Krispin, made wonderful plaster and clay figurines of famous actors, singers and politicians that were molded onto bottles. Another part of the art group made earrings, bracelets and sunglasses from beads and stones.

For the fundraising sale, muffins, cakes, Turkish delights and pastries were prepared. The first floor of the school was turned into a big bazaar, where people could come and buy the bottles, jewelry and food. At the end, more than 500 leva (250 euro) were collected.

Yavor Ivanov, Member

Šternberk, Czech Republic

This summer has been full of events for our chapter; however, I would like to mention something different. Recently our webmaster, Ondrej Vymetalik, finished the new website It has not been translated into English and Polish yet, as we wish it to be in the future, but everyone can already see the design. Ondrej put into this project many great ideas, and we are very proud of him. I believe this website characterizes our chapter perfectly. We will keep working on it, so you can check out past and upcoming events, photos, etc. online.

Summer cinema with Polish guests in ŠternberkPTPI's European Conference was followed by a program prepared by our chapter called "Check the Czech." We were so glad to host Rolf Dahlberg and Lars Poignant. The Swedish duo did some sightseeing in Sternberk, as well in Olomouc, which is a bigger city in our region. They participated in a drum workshop and attended a concert of the band Žamboši and Epy De Mye. Most importantly, Lars and Rolf got the chance to meet the town mayor and promote PTPI and the work of our chapter. Last, but not least, Lars and Rolf helped to organize the children's day celebration "Cylindr." Thank you, again, guys!

May 29, we held our annual "Cylindr" program, which is an amazing event for both children and adults. Even though it is a children's day celebration, we all have fun. The theme of this year's "Cylindr" was the color green. People in awesome, green outfits took part in "green" games. Many could win nice prizes, and those who didn't do well in the games could try their luck in the raffle. There was a movie screening in the evening for the little ones and singing by the fire for the others. From June to August, we had an amazing project, a summer cinema in the local monastery. Petr Endrody, our vice president, and his team picked interesting, rather independent movies for the screening, and they are hugely successful. We already have seen movies from many European countries. When the weather was nice, the cinema was full. We were afraid of the rain, but the summer cinema team could deal with that too and no show was cancelled. What else to add? Every Friday during the screening, the audience tried food and drinks typical for the country that produced the film. Last Friday, we saw a Polish movie named "Sexmission." The atmosphere was great thanks to the Polish visitors, and everybody loved the movie. Our project was sponsored by the European Commission from the Youth in Action Program and partly supported by LESY CR, a Czech forestry company. Thanks to all for coming and for your support.

Eliška Vránová, President

Tallinn, Estonia

May 24-31, Svetlana Pirita visited PTPI's Veszprém, Hungary Chapter after the European Conference as part of PTPI's International Visitors Program. She was very well taken care of by chapter president, Marianna Hári, and hosts, Renata Papp with her family, who offered a nice homestay that included sharing culture and great Hungarian hospitality in the beautiful Balaton Lake region.

PTPI in Estonia: training in Global Education and Policy Coherence in Development June 21-25, English-language teacher Natali Grigorjeva and young chapter members participated in the IV Human Rights Olympic Games organized by Open Education Centre in Primorsko in Bulgaria. Pupils from Bulgaria, Rumania and Estonia discussed globalization and human rights, Millennium Development Goals and the role of youth in the world. Participants prepared speeches on the rights of young people and globalization. July 1-7, chapter president, Ruta Pels, participated in the last "Europe Needs Active Seniors" (ENAS) Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Project meeting in Ostróda, Poland, where partners discussed the results of two years of cooperation. Ruta presented one of the final products of ENAS project, a photo show entitled "Silver Heads in EU." Approximately 200 participants, including Polish seniors, ENAS project partners and officials from municipalities and Western Masuria University, took part in the event. Our chapter is happy to say that we will start a new two-year project entitled "Culture Treasure Hunt" in the Leonardo da Vinci Program with partners from Germany, Greece, Iceland, Poland and Spain.

We do not forget young people! Chapter president, Ruta Pels, organized a training course on global education and policy coherence in development for 25 students on August 24. The group discussed five case studies about trade, bio fuels, fisheries, sugar and access to medicine, and visited the Humana People to People shop and sorting center, where secondhand clothing from Finland, Scandinavia and Belgium are collected.

October 20-30, five members will participate in the Youth in Action project "With music for common Europe" in Velenje, Slovenia.

Ruta Pels, President

Varna, Bulgaria Student Chapter

Varna members attending a youth exchange in EnglandJuly 26-30, two of our members were in Baia Mare, Romania participating in a training course called "Recoloring youth work." They worked with Roma children, visited orphanages in the town and had the chance to experience the atmosphere there. The main focus of the training course was implementing projects that deal with socially discriminated categories, especially Roma and people with literacy problems. Participants were interesting people from Romania, Moldavia, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria and Georgia with good experience working with youth. During the beginning of August, two of our chapter members attended an international youth meeting in Germany. The meeting took place in the picturesque town of Heilbad Heiligenstadt. There were 36 participants from18 European countries. A lot of interesting and important topics were discussed; for example, the advantages and disadvantages of non-formal learning, youth participation and e-participation. There were useful workshops about migration and the cultures of Europe.

August 8-15, three of our members took part in a youth exchange in Hereford, England. The main aim of the project, which was called "Europe on film," was to find out whether young people from Eastern Europe feel like Europeans and how they see themselves as part of the EU. Participants were chosen from four different countries: Bulgaria, England, Poland and Romania. The most memorable activities were a meeting with the mayor of Hereford and interviews with local people.

August 13-18, our chapter had the pleasure of hosting a PTPI family, the Papps. The Hungarian guests came with the purpose of not only experiencing the culture, cuisine and nature of the country, but also discussing new campaigns that our two chapters could do together as an international PTPI team. This homestay wouldn't have been possible if it hadn't been for the PTPI conference in Pécs this year, where Renata Papp and our home-stay coordinator, Denitsa Panova, met and the idea of the homestay was created.

All in all, our chapter wants to say a big "Thank you, Papps!" and send a warm hug for making this week unforgettable, unique and inspiring.

Vaslui members visit disadvantaged children

Vassilen Tonchev, President

Vaslui, Romania Student Chapter

June 1, 12 chapter members spent time with socially disadvantaged children cared for by a public center outside of town to celebrate Children's Day. Balloons and sweets were bought for the children.

Liliana Harhas, Adult Advisor

Zalishchyky, Ukraine

March 30, all chapter members, along with 270 other students and 12 teachers, partici-pated in the project "Beautify Our Land!" We cleaned up trash in the central park of the town and planted trees and bushes.

In May, three chapter members shared their PTPI experience with students from the Mykolayiv region. Five guests from this re-gion became interested in joining PTPI. In addition, an article about PTPI and the activities of our chapter was published in the newspaper Dumka+.

Six members traveled to the Czech Republic and Germany in May and then shared their impressions with the other chapter members and students from the school. One hundred and seventy students gathered to learn more about the historical places of Prague and the old masters gallery in Dresden.

May 28, the chapter members presented a football, a book about the sport and a game set to a seven year-old student, who lost his parents in a car accident. Our members keep in touch with the boy and support him as much as possible.

In May and June, 15 chapter members helped to beautify the territory around monuments of prominent people of the community. In addition, four members supported six students in improving their English-language skills.

Oleksandra Voychyshyn, Adult Advisor