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As the travel-coordinating arm of People to People International - Ambassador Programs, Inc. - is a for-profit organization which provides organizational and logistical support for People to People’s non-profit mission. Ambassador Programs, Inc. is headquartered in Spokane, Washington.

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Internal networking - external lobbying

Berliner entwicklungspolitischer Ratschlag e.V. (BER) is a network organisation consisting of initiatives, registered associations, and groups, who work on issues concerning development co-operation in Berlin. The major tasks of BER are to provide co-ordination between members and to serve as a central lobby group towards external bodies. BER was established in 1996 when, facing massive cuts in Berlin´s budget, the organisations working on issues of development co-operation joined together as a working-group to support their interests collaboratively. Since 1998 the network has been a registered association.